(01) The Chariot
Waiting in my house, under siege and soon to be attack. We are all dressed in medieval armor, and I have a sword to protect a very sensible girl. She’s almost like a princess in the dream. Lurking in the shadows outside are bad people that want to take her away.

In the stillness before the invasion, she and I have a heart to heart. We exchange hopes, desires and feelings. For a while the mood lightens and we are able to see eye to eye. She’s really just a normal girl in a difficult situation.

The door opens; I cut a spider’s web and stand by the stairs to wait for them.

Change of scene.
A white computer screen. I receive a trade notification on a digital web site. Recognizing the e-mail as a scam, I click on the real report button and punch in the offending usernames, then click on the ‘send’ button.

Change of scene.
Back in a medieval setting. We travel by foot and wagons with a gypsy caravan. The participants of the pilgrimage stretch back for miles, with colorful clothes and wagons to accompany them. It is near twilight, we will have to settle a camp site soon.

(02) Strength

I happened upon the hospital lobby and it was full of people. It was so full that I barely had room to walk through it. Amongst the crowd was my other Grandmother, the one that I don’t remember meeting. She had gray hair, Hawaiian floral shorts in a bright yellow print, and another Hawaiian floral print for her shirt, this time red with green… or was it blue with green and red accents? You could hardly miss her amongst the throng with a large back pack and hiking boots. She looked ready to go.

When we made it out, she pulled me off to the side and asked me to wait in line for her. I saw her disappear back into the crowd and busied myself with the things I carried with me. The line never moved, and as the hours went I started to grow irritable. Things were looking pretty sour when Mom and Dad walked up to ask me what I was doing there. I gave them the complaint and they started to laugh, then took me by the arm and led me back to where my Grandmother was. She greeted them happily; together they were a merry bunch, but I was still sour.

(03) The Hermit
I moved to LA. My parents and I went to Little Tokyo for a stroll. We passed by closed restaurants during the day and went to the movies. There were multiple floors to each theater, and the movie projection rooms were connected. Halfway through our movie, the projection gives out. They tell us we can come back to finish watching it, but thwy have everyone leave. Some guy and his date have a ridiculous mountain of cheese. We do as we are told, but when we want to cpme back inside, they tell us we can’t come in. After explaining to them, they offer us a refund and we set out to look for a restaurant instead. We find some with neon dolls, but a big wooden bar in the door says they’re exclusive or closed.

(04) Wheel of Fortune
You are floating through space. You have dissolved back into nothing, but you have never felt more connected and with purpose. You can see your soul the way that it is, and it looks the same as you remember it. You can see its color and feel its resonance, now a part of the aether.

You know that things will change and that you will once more embody flesh, but you don’t feel it necessary for now. You would rather float.

(05) Justice
The perfect scene of debauchery, with strippers, disco lights and lots of half naked people. Two friends enjoy a bachelor party too much. It gets really rowdy and out of place the more games they play.

Change of scene.
A girl talks to her journal. It looks filthy, covered in mud. A large feather quill writes in the journal, at a right angle and without a hand to guide it. A voodoo entity tells her through writing that it works on all her secrets but that she needs to give the messiah an offering. She offers her book days of her life. She looks ill, demented or possessed. Her eyes are yellow, and the hollows around it are dark. The feather continues to glide over the pages. I heard ominous chanting and felt the presence of the deity.

Waking up.
Invisible hands held me in place. When I woke up, I had the feeling someone had me pinned down and was releasing me.

(06) The Hanged Man
Going in circles around the amusement park, with a view similar to that of the all-seeing eye. You could see the food things as well as the bad. You can see some people enjoying themselves and others causing trouble, but you cold not go inside. You could not be amongst them and feel their excitement and their body heat. The amusement was built around a big top stage, it had open areas to walk through as well as units that you could go inside.

It was as if the whole world was contained inside that amusement park. The people that went in seldom came out. They seemed oblivious of there being anything other than their current situation. This was limbo.

Lately I am waking up blank. I can't remember a few dreams and then I remember them during the day. Sometimes I really blank out and I get nothing

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