(01) Ten of Swords

I stumbled through the forest after a long day’s journey. Truth be told, I was ready to plummet into a nice, warm bed. It must have been around two in the morning, and I was on my way to a place uncannily like Hogwarts spliced with the New Student Center. It looked like a massive castle. On the way there, I saw animals frozen in the mud by a charm; bears, otters, birds, even acorns and traces of a flood. Most of them had their teeth out as if they were running from something in fury.

I walked past the sushi shop I used to go to in college and found it closed. It felt very lonely just to be close to it, so I kept walking. Then I found myself at a ballet recital and I was the only one there. I walked past the empty seats and to the back as my eyes followed the ballerina. She was flawless. There was a secret passageway to the castle here, as I recall an old friend had told me how to get in — in a previous dream. It would lead to the dorms through the Headmaster’s private magic room. The setup was fit for a Hierophant, but there was dust everywhere as if it had not been used for years. The castle felt so devoid of life that it was scary.

I finally arrived to my room and found it felt alien to me. It was almost empty and didn’t feel the least bit homey. As I looked out the door, I saw naked couples sneaking into their room from time to time and a girl coming out of her room and disappearing into the stairs. They came to and from the communal bathrooms.

I locked myself up in the lonely room and figured I would have to wait until daytime to get the rest sorted out. The exhaustion didn’t let me think straight, so I took off my clothes, changed, and crawled into bed.

(02) Page of Swords
I regained consciousness at an Ayahuasca center deep in the Dreamworld Amazon with Mom and C. We were at the shore of a large lake, the water was muddled and you couldn’t see into it. The sky was a wild magenta, it brought together the rays of the vain sun. In our trance we could pull messages from the celestial rays.

The three of us stepped into the communal showers, each of which were in bungalows. They were separated by bamboo sticks and curtains. Beyond that was the river, they were all lining the shore. Stepping out, I let my soap drop and didn’t notice.

I went to meet up with the others to check if they were okay, but they were so caught up in the enjoyment of their showers that I went back to my bungalow. It was occupied, so I waited outside. The guru came out in a uniform and said he refilled it with soap, then invited me inside.

We reunited after the shower and laughed, commenting that the Gypsy Patricia would not believe we were there if we told her. The three of us, congregated at the Amazon for the first time, partaking in the divine ritual of the Ayahuasca.

(03) Knight of Swords
J and I went level by level at a toy store. We were admiring many things, the strangest of which was a stripper pole. He shot me a look that a man mistook J was shooting to his wife. The man got confrontational and I stepped in to reason with the man. Even though we clearly stated we were a couple, he didn’t understand that it wasn’t his wife that was being targeted. We were forced to run, so run we did. Each floor down from the 8 had less products and people, and looked more like a hospital.

Around 4, a man in uniform ran up and shot us with a white mist. We avoided it and went to the first two floors. When we got there, we went into a room to hide and found people dying of a pox on bunk beds. We covered our faces, particularly our mouths and escaped through a narrow gape. As soon as we were out in the light of day, we witnessed a plane take off right in front of us.

Change of scene.
I was a vampire vigilante that could turn into a bat. After making the mistake to ride an elevator with one of the head honchos, I was attacked and left for dead in an elevator that was shot. I turned to a bat and fled.

Went to an activity as human form only to find there was a bomb planted in a nearby field where a game was being held. I knew it would go off, but couldn’t locate it in time to deactivate it. The bomb went off and wounded orkilled many people. I followed my vampire lord in close pursuit, since he was being taken away by a band of bad guys.

Stuck in the 2nd floor looking for a way out while a gang tortured my lord, who looked just like Chris Pohl. The windows were too heavy to open in bat form, and only then I realized how little free space I had lived with in terms of windows and ways to escape. The pressure was insane, but I manged to come out unscathed.

(04) Queen of Swords
I was sitting next to JS, a friend from college. He smiled earnestly and explained he was on his way out of a halfway house. I asked for a ride when the college activity was over and he took me. We smilded at one another in the car

I got a call from someone supposed to be my friend. Her voice was muffled on the phone. I told her I was very upset with her. It is as if she did not hear me.

Change of scene.
You danced in the midst of a fill room with grace and elegance, and never seemed to break into a sweat. The place was packed, people had their dinner and enjoyed their drinks as if you were not there.

On the television, it said the best dance audition ever had been done on tv. When it said stretch, you went as far as you could. Your body twisted to impossible proportions and poses; finally, you pulled your jaw to the point it didn’t look human anymore. That got the room"s attention applause for the ghostly pale woman with black hair in the red dress.

(05) King of Swords
Speaking through the phone on a long distance call with H. As we were catching up, I asked him if he was happy. He said he was… all the resentment went away between us, but I still didn’t feel at ease with him. He had crossed the line one too many times and done too much.

He seemed interested to talk, but I was more interested in keeping secrets. Every time he asked about a certain aspect of my life, I felt he was trying to usher the conversation towards an uncomfortable subject. When you recognize somebody’s strategy, you can do your best to thwart it. It was best if he knew nothing.

Change of scene.
Mom and I were waiting at a terminal. We were on our way home from a very long trip. We got into an empty monorail when a man came in after us. He Sir Patrick Stewart, the knighted actor.  We sat quietly in the bunk, but he started up a conversation with us. It was smalltalk, but it got us all thinking. It felt natural even though we were intimidated with admiration. When we got to our stop, we thanked him cheerfully and went on our way. We smiled bright.

You can't force a dream to be something it isn't. When I went into this project, I hoped to receive messages that would become more helpful to my blog readers. I half expected to dream in a world that wouldn't be so personal, but it obviously didn't go that way. Instead, this project has me immersed in the maddening world of my past entwined with my present and my future. At times nothing makes sense, sometimes the dreams are so boring that it embarrasses me to post them... but they're real. Every last one of these entries are the best possible representation of a dream that I had prompted from tarot cards. It's really interesting how some prompt dreams that I remember vividly, while others make me wring my brain for details. You can tell which ones I remember better than others, and which ones I feel resonate the most with what I am going to in my daily life. I strongly recommend trying this out if you want a little extra push for your dreams.

I got the idea for the Tarot Diary from my friend Daniel; I met him online a few months ago. He seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and his brilliant mind changed the way I look into experimenting with the tarot. While I has doing meditations on cards and having tea with the court cards, he was dreaming in the realm of a particular card every night. He enticed me into trying it out for myself, but we lost touch when the project started rolling. I'm not sure if he even cares to know he inspired me to try this out, but I'm thankful that he was the driving force of motivation behind Tarot Dreams. Even though we are no longer in touch, I feel the right thing to do is to credit him for his creativity.

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