Again there is a manifestation of great change in the spread. It seems lighter than the one presented last week by a mile, but it is also reminding us that we need to stay grounded to keep a good balance. This is all very exciting; it feels as if things are now going into steady motion and the process is really, really starting. And it is!

I find myself constantly repeating, "why did I wait so long to do this? What was I thinking, holding back from being happy all those years? Why would I waste all that time locked up in my room when I can do the same here, and live a little better?" The answers are quite obvious and stand on their own, they are valid. In the end I don't regret it, but I wish that I would have saved myself the trouble. Maybe this is exactly the perfect time, maybe this is exactly when it all needed to happen.


Monday. Death. Change can be riveting. It can take away all that is familiar from you and leave you in a totally new place; a place devoid of anything that is familiar or comforting.

Tuesday. Temperance. Find harmony within yourself when you take up all the elements that are in disarray and pacify them. There is magic in taking the lemons and making the lemonade, so to speak. When you take all the things that don't seem to be working and find a way to make them fit together, you find yourself stabilized. It is very much energetic work to establish safe ground.

Wednesday. King of Coins. He is all that is safe and all that is comfortable. See, he sits on his magnificent golden throne flanked by two bulls, the zodiac sign of Taurus. It is the feeling of being at home or being made to feel at home. Take your surroundings and rearrange them to make them more cozy, then focus on matters of finance and/or settling down. Do things at your pace, your way.

Thursday. The Fool. Jump! Oh, what a leap! Here we find the Fool welcoming the sun with a flower and his trusty sidekick. He doesn't care if he is prepared or not because he trusts in himself; he trusts in his ability to make things happen. He doesn't care if there will be a struggle or if the going gets tough because he is ready to face whatever is coming. He is open, and in doing so he accepts all the blessings as they present themselves to him.

Friday. The Moon. Beautiful, beautiful moon made manifest. Illusion, dreams and whimsy inhabit the archetype of the Moon card. This is your personal retreat when you need solace, and a great reason to smile. The world of illusions will show us that which we admire the most, that which we wish to see as an integral part of our lives. If we get immersed thoroughly in that world, we may come to miss how good it feels to be grounded in the present.

Saturday. Ten of Coins. At home at last. This is a great day to work on the environment that surrounds you to make it work for you. Find the elements that are missing that will make you feel comfortable and motivated. A clean space is a healthy place to be in, so rearrange things again or put things away to get a space open enough to let you sit and think in.

Sunday. The Lovers. Sometimes we can't help the connections that we feel with people. They come as they are, and they teach us how to treat each other. Personal chemistry between people cannot be tampered with, cannot be forced to fit the needs of each person. It is by all means natural and will provide an idea of how things will possibly play out. Let things flow naturally and find yourself pleasantly surprised.

What to avoid. Six of Cups. Don't get stuck up in the past; it won't be good for you yo focus on the way that things used to be and are no longer. Relish the memories, soak in them and send gratitude right back, but don't let it be the primary driving force to your life. Focusing on what you used to have can be very hard on you; it could even get depressing if you don't somehow control it. It's great that you romanticize things from the past, but don't let it keep you from building a radiant future. Make it just the way you want it.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Engage in conversations that you would otherwise not be used to having. Talk to that person you have been wanting to talk to for a while and satiate that craving to be understood. After all, it's okay to want to be a part of something. It's okay to want to be understood and comforted.

These cards sing to me. Can you see why I love them so much? They feel like they work wonderful in big cities, rather than being used in areas that are more rural. That's a great discovery on how to use them for better results.

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