These past few days have been very enlightening. I feel renewed; I feel like a whole different person.

On Wednesday night, the night that marks my 3rd anniversary with J, I found myself en route to Mystic Journey bookstore in Venice, California. It was a very special night in the sense that James Wanless PH.D. was hosting his monthly Voyager Tarot group therapy. This brilliant visionary is the author of the deck responsible for my career. Years before the Vertigo Tarot came into my possession, I was learning to read the tarot with the Voyager deck.

Meeting James Wanless PH.D. in person was quite a surreal experience. I couldn’t believe it when I sat down.

The group was very inviting. Each and every person in attendance is genuine and beautiful. They all had a strong sense of character and personality that I was very drawn to. As the night progressed, we shared deep testimonials about our lives. We participated in what turned out to be a group reading which applied to every one of us. This is my first time joining a discussion around people who are very knowledgeable about the tarot and it was a wonderful experience. They talked freely, openly and what I assume to be without judgment. I found James to be very charismatic as well as business savvy. The first card that was drawn was that of the Chariot. 2014’s numbers add up to 7, and so we used that as a guide for the rest of the reading. At the very end, we all got to draw a card to keep from James’ deck of cards. Of course I’d turn over a card and get the Moon… that’s a given! My signifier made me burst in laughter.

When I walked out of Mystic Journey bookstore, I was a brand new person. I felt as if I had undergone a spiritual baptism, my soul felt renewed. When I got into my room mate’s car, it felt as if my emotions were overwhelmingly compassionate. My heart was flooded with love and light; at that moment I just wanted to hug the entire state of California. I felt really grounded and full of love, which is not out of character, but is not exactly the way that I am.

One day spilled into another, and it was Thanksgiving morning. I missed the parade and all the traditions that my family upholds year after year. I missed the company of my Mom, which is my soulmate. I missed J, my rock. He’s my everything; he is all that is good in my life. It was a whole new experience.

We went to my room mate’s cousin’s event. I met many, many new faces and shared a new tradition. The conversation flowed over a relaxed glass of wine. The whole experience was very new and full of tell-tales. For example, I learned that in Iowa they deep fry butter. I kid you not! They are very hardcore.

By the end of the night, I could not contain my smile. I find myself laughing alone, but feeling anything but. I don’t feel alone… I feel that I am very, very much loved. I feel accompanied by the spirit of all the people that have grown close to me over the years, no matter how distant. Hell, I feel like a love letter to the universe. Y’know?

Why would circumstances be enough to get us down? I don’t know… life is really magical if you let it be. For all those who feel they resonate with this entry: let’s make a promise. Let’s vow never, ever ever to let real life get in the way of our happiness. Release all that keeps you bound down. Release pain, resentment and fear. Throw it to the wind! You don’t need it. Nobody does.

From here on forth, I promise never to chain myself to an oppressive circumstance. I promise never, ever ever to limit myself. I promise to cultivate as much love and compassion as is possible, even when my heart chakra doesn’t resonate at a frequency as high as the one I am now.

Cheers to a whole new year filled with love and joy.

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