Sometimes it feels like life is telling you, "hey... just take a break." Ever since Hello Witches started a little over a year ago, I have not skipped more than a week. I felt really burnt out with all the changes that were going on, and whenever I sat down to write, the words weren't flowing as I thought that they should. I have 4 posts queued already for when the right time comes up, but to be honest they don't feel relevant anymore given the change of circumstance. I discovered that a post must be published at the right time, and while the context is still relevant. When you undergo a personal transformation, the things that used to hover around you in your environment also change.

Dangers are lurking ahead this week with the Ten of Swords and Three of Swords present. Whether or not it is a situation regarding intellect, it's clear that you need to exercise caution this week.


♡ Monday. Ten of Swords.
The week could be off to a better start. Let's not sugarcoat it; this is a tough start. Sometimes, something happens at the start of the day that makes you feel like you got off on the wrong foot. Even when you try to escape that notion, you may come to find that the rest of the day falls under that same note. Endure!

Tuesday. Ace of Coins. This is good, this is the seed of opportunity being planted. Watch out for the sign of a gift or the sign of something happening in your area. It could be a pretty interesting event.

Wednesday. Justice. The balance is restored when you handle a situation that is difficult in a civil way. Find the way to reconcile what doesn't work with the way it must be.

Thursday. The Fool. Take a leap of faith, but look before you leap so you don't land on the rocks. Eagerness can be the main cause of a mistake, mostly because we don't see the harm it can cause.

Friday. Three of Swords. An irresponsible risk can take you far; don't expose yourself to a negative situation. I look at this card and think or feel that it's a really good day to stay indoors. It's better to avoid problems. Watch your words with people; someone may be having a particularly bad day, and react negatively to something you say.

Saturday. The World. The portals open, opportunities are offered. Shed your old skin, release the negative energy in the air and look forward to starting the next level.

Sunday. Six of Cups. A melancholic moment; sometimes our mind brings us back to a place where memories run rampant. We can dream and look back at the same time, often employing elements of both situations in the approach.

What to avoid. Six of Coins. If asking for help is not an option, try to bend your will and at least reach out to someone to let them know that you're having a hard time with something. When a tough situation comes up, you should not endure it by yourself.

What to strive for. Nine of Swords. Don't stress. Try not to let yourself get carried away with something that is causing you anxiety. Accept it, wallow in it for a little while if you must, but don't let it take over completely. You can't afford to jump two steps back after the progress you have made.

It feels good to be back. This blog is really important to me. Wishing you some smooth sailing!


  1. Hola Monica que bueno saber de ti y por fin te encuentro porque eras una de las personas más buscadas por Patricia. Te agradeceré aue tan pronto puedas te comuniques conmigo, yo estoy en la ofi de L- V 9 am a 6 pm. 787 798-6351. Además como te ha ido todo por allá? Asumo que super por lo que veo y tu mamita cómo sigue de salud ya está mejor,, espero en Dios que si, pero nada por favor dame una llamada.Gracias
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    1. Hola Zomarie,

      Te llamare mañana por la mañana. Aqui tenemos 4 horas de diferencia y estoy en el trabajo desde 1PM — 9PM PR time. Se me olvido comunicar que cambié mi número celular; mi otro celular se fué a juste hace un mes.

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  2. Hola Monica
    Te deseo que te vaya super bien siempre. Eres una gran persona y un ser con mucha luz, también por el trabajo que desempeñabas como artista gráfico y ahora como Tarotista la recomiendo al 100%, Fue un honor compartir con un ser tan bonito como tu en una ceremonia sagrada.



  3. I love the way you format your weekly forecast. I just found your blog, and I'm rather glad I did. Love what I'm seeing so far. Cheers!

    1. Hey, that's a major compliment. Thanks for stopping by, and nice to meet you!