Whoa! Okay, sometimes it’s hard to coordinate with the blog when unprecedented events take place. The past weekend was very interesting, but I prefer talking to you about tarot cards.

A couple of weeks back we had an eventful week without the guidance of the tarot. After having the resource available to look at a day before or during the events, it helps to have a card for the day. Lacking the resources actually made me realize how necessary it is to keep the tradition going. It really is like a northern star lighting the way for some of us that use it. After not having it for nearly two weeks, I decided to try and give it another shot.

This week we have an abundance of Swords, Major Arcana and Wands. The suits are completely disproportionate in terms of the balance. There is one Coins card and nothing to do with Cups. It appears that as we delve deeper and deeper into the mind, there is a disconnect to the heart. I have been feeling that way lately, to tell you the truth. My thoughts race and I spend hours thinking about the same things. While it’s great to get perspective, it’s also very limiting when it’s all you think about.

Monday. Five of Swords. It’s easy to slip when your mind is very busy… and my mind has certainly been very busy. I find that if we focus on one detail, we’re really missing the whole picture. The consequences are illustrated in the card.

Tuesday. The High Priestess. Lately, detachment to surroundings leads to hardcore introspection. I have been thinking the days away in hope to find an answer. What I have found, once more resonating with the card that came before, is that when we focus on just one area, all the surrounding aspects of the self get stuck too. Everything is held up until we are ready to get back in motion again.

Wednesday. Six of Swords. Being misled, going out of your way or taking a detour. It never occurred to me that the characters in this card could be lost. For some reason, I always assumed the driver knew where he was going. Relating it back to the card, the conversation was so immersive that they both lost their way in the process. Interesting.

Thursday. Two of Coins. Juggling circumstances and projects to stay afloat. That’s true, today is the day I am catching up and making up for the past few days.

Friday. Queen of Wands. See, she sits on her throne. She is pampered to the point of being spoiled. She inspires others and is inspired in turn, radiating good energy and a bit of sass.

Saturday. The Fool. Venturing into dark waters without an anchor. This good-natured card seems rather irresponsible in the hopes of finding a new adventure to delight in.

Sunday. Two of Wands. It’s tough to make a choice sometimes. The day feels terribly uneventful, or perhaps is a blessing to be slow. Sometimes it’s nice to catch a break; that’s exactly what Sunday should be.

What to avoid. Ten of Swords. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop being negative and stop getting yourself in trouble. Accept the end of things that are no longer progressing and give yourself the chance to start over when the time is right.

What to strive for. The Hanged Man. Just wait until things make sense or fall into place. Allow the things you have learned along the way to shed light on where you want to go next, but don’t let it consume you. You will find your way at the right time.



  1. I love this series! And I love this deck. What is the name of it?

  2. I love this deck but even with three printings have not seen it surface for sale anywhere. Hope to be blessed with a copy some day. Take care!