What a wonderful feeling, to be completely refreshed as the weekend winds down. As we bid adieu to another brief chapter of the year, another one commences. Weeks are containers for events, measuring time in a continuum that varies in number and situation. I am not making much sense, I know, but that’s just me trying to make sense of a nonsensical connection.

The theme of this week has a lot to do with affirmative action. It’s very proactive in the sense that it seems to be pushing for motion rather than sitting to wait for things to happen. Something to think about. And how about those two Aces and Kings?


Monday. Ace of Wands. The week starts off with sparks. Strive to be your very best; stay motivated and let your creativity do the talking for you. If it is a matter of your craft, devote time to perfecting it until you are more than satisfied with the outcome. If it is passion you seek, it is passion you will get.

Tuesday. High Priestess. See, she stands between the pillars that represent all that is light and all that is dark. She presses her veil to her face so as to not allow passersby to see her because she prefers to work in secret. There is mystery to her that will make people wonder what she is doing. The most important thing to remember is that she is true to herself, and she never forgets her purpose or where she is going. She knows how to be discrete as she proceeds with her life. A wonderful lesson to come by.

Wednesday. Ace of Coins. This card is anything but traditional. What really catches my attention is the light in this card. I feel as if it were the moon shining directly behind the top of the tower from the perspective it is being looked out at. Seek out a symbol that will guide you, or seek to finish something that you started but have not yet finished.

Thursday. Page of Wands. Echoing the start of the week, this card denotes a spark of passion for what it is you do. If you surrender to routine because it is easy, routine is exactly what you’re going to get. Pay attention to the little details and remain curious to add some spice to your day.

Friday. King of Cups. Sweet love comes in the most unexpected form sometimes. Sometimes, it comes in the form of an unhealthy obsession from a distance. If we see only what we want to see, we are actually separating from reality and engaging in an active day dream. It’s very important not to let the way we feel blind us from seeing what is actually there.

Saturday. King of Coins. Just look at all that wealth hidden in a tome under what seems to be the head of a monarch. I don’t know about you, but as curious as I am to know what is inside, I would not remove the head of the monarch. It seems disrespectful to disturb his slumber. This card feels like a signifier.

Sunday. Nine of Coins. Find your comfort zone again and relish it. There is a reason why we need our own personal space to be in order. If it isn’t, soon our thoughts are to follow. Strive to give order to disarray by keeping your surroundings neat.

What to avoid. Judgment. Try not to force new beginnings to happen unnaturally. Just let time do it’s thing and you will find that what you have been waiting for all along will some to you instead. Allow yourself to be surprised by what life offers. We can’t play God all the time.

What to strive for. Six of Wands. Look to keep progressing. Move forward, in affirmative action. Be sure with every step that you take that you are heading in the right direction. Don’t make time to step back, just keep on going. Soon there will be no notion telling you to backpedal. Rather, you will have found your day.

Wishing you a lovely week!

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