My weekend was pretty loaded. It was very active, and I didn’t see it coming. I conducted a séance and it went terribly wrong. I can't even begin to tell you the details, because it just takes me back to a dark place that I really struggled to get out of. The days after have been difficult for me. Even getting out of bed is a huge chore. The event happened on Saturday night, but traces lingered on Sunday and Monday still.

This spread is very positive and kind of awkward, but works for the most part in an attempt to bury the memories of the week prior. I get a pretty strong romantic tune to it that seems also to be the solace of moral support. That Devil card concerns me, though. I decided to take a break from my Facebook to concentrate on other aspects of my life. While I still log in on ninja mode, it has taken lots of pressure off of me to announce that I won't be participating as is expected to on a weekly basis.

October is coming up and my next Annual Review is due. I'm going to have to break the routine and post it tomorrow. What fascinates me is how accurate it was once more. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Monday. Four of Cups. Distractions distractions, and the sense that things aren’t going quite according to plan. It can be hard to focus when you feel as if things don’t go quite the way you want them to. Sometimes it’s best to sit and day dream than to go out and do.

Tuesday. Eight of Swords. The walls are closing in. Perhaps you’ve outgrown them. You feel stifled every time you try to move, and as a result might lose the motivation to move or do anything.

Wednesday. Six of Wands. Things could be in quick motion, and that can get overwhelming if you are not in control of your circumstances. It seems that when you realize the real scale of your problems and not the size you imagined them to be in, everything is more manageable. Alternatively, it can be a day to deal with cards in the collection. I feel like things come into clarity.

Thursday. The Devil. The claws that catch! Today we must stop and ask ourselves if there is anything in our lives we have fallen prey to. Losing self control, being reckless or acting dangerously. A strange and unknown threat. Nightmares.

Friday. Two of Swords. This conversation won’t lead you anywhere you want to go, so you might as well come to terms with that. Blocking things out or keeping words from flowing might be sensible. Staying detached and calm in an odd situation. Putting up gracefully with someone who is difficult.

Saturday. Six of Cups. Remembering things can get you lost in melancholy, particularly when the memory concerns somebody else. This is a card of innocence and memories, as well as the reminder to strategize ahead of time.

Sunday. The Empress. Taking care of someone as you would have them take care of you. This can be a messy day when you feel you’re the one rearranging things and putting them in order. It can be a mess or it can go well if you keep it under control.

What to avoid. The Hierophant. Try to stray from the nagging words and lessons that life pushes your way if you can. Don’t lose the notion of who you are because of who someone else expects you to be. Be true to yourself.

What to strive for. Two of Cups. Get lost in love, and believe in the support of others. You are worth loving, and trust me, you will find love. So don’t worry about that situation.

What a wonderful week is up ahead.

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