Exciting news! Exciting news!

I won a contest that the Baba Studio / Magic-Realist Press began two weeks ago. We had an opportunity to publish an entry once a day for a chance to win an Alice Tarot deck and a tarot bag of choice, out of their wide selection. I will write more about it when the package comes! I’m even going to include the original entries for your entertainment! Yay!!

I have not been able to focus today in the slightest. Been alternating amongst cooking, chatting with friends online, working with clients, calling people back home, and checking the updates of the Baba Studio giveaway. And of course, writing this entry out. It took forever!

Today we are going back to an old favorite, Alexander Daniloff’s Tarot. It is beautiful! Some of the card placements make me chuckle. The Carte Blanche looks a little ominous as well. Spooky! What's going to happen on this day??

Monday. Six of Coins. Giving back to those responsible for you being where you are. Seek not to alienate others; seek to give kindness, just as you have been given. I see it as a help, or as an exchange of something given for something received.

I also tie it to the Baba Studio giveaway I am so excited about. They are doing an act of kindness, and gave me an opportunity I was not expecting at all.

Tuesday. Page of Cups. A truce. A sweet gesture of love and appreciation, even if not in a fully developed manner. I feel like he brings a sweet message of love, but given the banner that he holds, it could also be pretty bold for such an innocent look.

Wednesday. Carte Blanche. No message. You do as you like, or you allow yourself a moment of secrecy. It also feels like it might be a day in which nothing happens.

Thursday. Queen of Coins. This one made me chuckle a little. It's Thanksgiving! Embodied in the perfect card, as well. I don't celebrate winter holidays, but this card gives a feeling of wealth at home and being very cozy. You'll have everything you need on a day like today, and that's super! Treat yourself.

Friday. Knight of Coins. Comfort, security and promise. This is a reliable and dashing presence, but it feels like it can be a little flashy. Try not to show off too much if you can help it; that can actually rub people the wrong way sometimes. In light of everything, remember how important it is to be humble!

Saturday. Ten of Cups. Security. Emotional stability and fulfillment. It's such a good, good feeling when your live feels like it is full of love, care and understanding. It is something I consider to be equivalent to having all that you need. In love, we feel nurtured and happy. There is seldom need for anything else.

Sunday. Four of Cups. Boredom after all of the excitement. Taking to drinking to reminisce and dream. Sometimes when there is much of a good thing, people tend to lose their passion for it and their connection to it. It feels like people who have a lot of abundance and positivity in their lives can get bored, if we go based off the sequential order of this week in the cards.

What to avoid. Ace of Cups. Emotions that flow too freely can get a little compromising. Constant output of love can be read the wrong way. Control it and control your emotions. I do feel that this is a reminder that things happen in cycles, and you must be ready to help the motions. Don't let things stagnate if you want to see progress.

What to strive for. Death. Change. Let go of the past! Don't go down with the things that you know deep inside you have to let go of. Don't be a slave to the things you hang onto. Remember that sometimes you just have to let go to continue forward on your quest for evolution. What do you seek to attain? Remember that some sacrifices you make are out of your control, and must come to be accepted sooner or later because, well... that's life!

What a crazy week is about to commence! I am looking forward to it, in truth.

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