Hey everybody, I had a pretty crazy last week. Gosh, I couldn’t even begin to tell you! This week thankfully seems to be much more calm, which I will appreciate.

Notice two Twos. I also have the presence of a Major Arcana card here, setting the stage for the week as one of moderating behavior and being patient. My court card is presented at the end of the week as a possible lesson to all of the events that are going to take place. Let’s see how this all goes.

I've been feeling really attracted to this tarot deck. It's the First Edition with goldleaf ink, and it's really stunning to read with. It's a shame the paper is so flimsy.

Monday. Temperance. Try moderation in your lifestyle choices. Give yourself the task of reflection and meditation in order to better yourself as a person. It’s okay if you need your alone time; ask for it with poise and grace. Appreciate it once you’ve got it.

Tuesday. Nine of Coins. Finding comfort in your surroundings; the ones you maintain yourself. Enjoy them while they are there, because one day they might not be. When you stumble into a comfort zone, you may come off as nonchalant to people in need.

Wednesday. Two of Coins. Give to be able to take. Offer tricks and performances to amuse and to attain what you need, when you need it. There is really no shame in hustling if you do it with enough love and pride. Be sure of your skills and others will take not of it and admire you for it.

Thursday. Two of Cups. Getting it together; enjoying a quiet moment or an amicable romance. When you share a moment with someone, make an effort to be fully present and to honor them. Bringing in those personal elements that you only like to share with them if you want to make them feel special.

Friday. Ten of Wands. You’re tired — take a break! Always loading yourself with extra things just to give yourself something to do. You don’t always have to do something. It wears you out so bad! Release those obligations and allow yourself to rest and replenish energy.

Saturday. Page of Coins. Relax in the luxury of a comfortable environment. You work so hard for it, you might as well enjoy it and pamper yourself. Kick back, relax and enjoy all that you have around you. Nobody else but you is responsible for it. Good for you!

Sunday. Queen of Swords. Being intimidating on the outside to discourage others from getting too close or comfortable. Personal boundaries are so important to maintain when you want your personal space to be respect. When YOU want to be respected. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anybody else try to run you over. If you do, strike them down fiercely so that they may never ever again get the idea to try.

What to avoid. Five of Wands. You don’t need petty arguments and fulfillment of other peoples’ agendas. If someone has a problem with you, let them have it. If someone wants to give you a hard time, don’t give them the time or the importance to do so. It’s really not your problem what they do and do not decide to you. How would your life be if you spent it wasting time on people who aren’t worth your time? A waste also.

What to strive for. The Star. Love yourself, accept yourself as you are with all of your flaws. You know that you’re just one in this world, and it’s okay to be. You don’t need anybody else to shine, because you have a light that shines from inside. It glows right out of you, through your skin and even in the words you say. Allow yourself to inspire others with how you deal with everything. Be that perfect person that you are, and other people want to be.


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