I got an unexpected message a couple of weeks ago from Orna Ben-Shoshan all the way from Israel. I will always say yes to networking and opportunities that come along, so I jumped on the Kabbalah Insights bandwagon and welcomed the experience. It is really very lovely to have people with unique works reaching out to me, because there is certainly lots of wealth in not doing more of what has already been established. Mold breakers are the ones really making a difference in the world of divination and metaphysics.

The Inner Wizard Cards themselves look very nice and they are packaged in a compact but appealing box. It looks lovely sitting here at my work desk, where it no doubt will stay when I need a boost to help me get through my increasingly busy days. I've got a new companion to aid me during those busy, busy days!

The cards themselves are square with red backs that provide you with an affirmation. On the other side, you get zodiac attributes as well as a more in-depth meditation prompt.

The cards feel good in your hand and are easy to shuffle. I like to cut the deck three times and choose one card for each time of the day. If I am immersed in work, I fan them out and pick one at random to keep me company throughout the rest of the day. Reading these snippets of wisdom have brought a smile to my face, and I endorse them because I feel like they can bring you a smile as well.

Sometimes we just want a nudge from the universe to reaffirm us about whether or not we are on the right path. We don’t necessarily always want the whole story to have to relate back to our lives, and that is where the Inner Wizard Cards come in. I thoroughly recommend this as a gift because it is relevant to anybody’s life, and is not as confusing as tarot could be for some people still trying to get acquainted with hermetic symbolism. If you know anybody that is going through a big turning point in their life and is constantly seeking for meaning and direction, this will be an amazing gift for them.

The Inner Wizard Cards are very convenient because you can take them out, shuffle them while ruminating on your preoccupation, take one out and keep it with you if you need a reminder.

Daily affirmations are a powerful tool to set and keep goals, as well as keeping a healthy perspective when it comes to nurturing our own personal lives.

The cards transmit ancient wisdom that is only attained through experience, and can be used as the basis for debates and conversations about nurturing our own spirit.

I thoroughly recommend this product for meditative purposes, life coaching and general treats of self-empowerment. I even recommend it for use with your personal day planner or agenda, as it could brighten up your schedule and remind you of how important it is to be grateful for the life you have been graced with. They are very practical and will work with you as you work with them.

Lastly, I want to add that they are meant for developing an interaction between you and your higher self. When you really open up to use these cards, you will find yourself making discoveries about yourself that will provide improvements across all areas of your life. They can change the way you look at things, which can in change motivate you to act with more self-assurance and courage.

If you want to get your copy, check Kabbalah Insights out!

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