From the moment I step onto the ship, my reality is transformed for however long I spend there. This is one of my favorite California spots, and hopefully after reading this review you will understand why. I worked this event last year for the first time, and had such a good time that I had to come back to re-live the experience. A lot has changed since my first year living in Los Angeles, and now we're slowly creeping up on year two. My second anniversary in Los Angeles! Hopefully this year I will spend it here. This is my new home!

I was so excited for the day ahead that I woke up before my alarm went off. When I got there, I signed up and got to familiarize myself with the ship. I couldn't walk around without squealing with every turn I took. The memories kept on coming back to me as I walked around.

In the evenings, I took the habit of sitting on the deck while my supervisor smoked and talking to them while looking out at the city. In my head I kept marveling at the fact I did it — I managed to move here and make it all by my own. A year had already passed since the last Steampunk Symposium, and there I was, surrounded by familiar faces at a really incredible event. I felt a lot of gratitude for the life that I live since I moved here. It changed me forever.

Can you spot your blog hostess in the back? I was working!

♡ History of Absinthe. Tried proper gold absinthe with water and sugar. Learned that Victorians love their gadgets. Delicious! Lucid. Walked around the ship buzzed and happy!
♡ Met and saw the Paranormal Illusionist Aiden Sinclair perform. Wow!
♡ He pulled me on stage to randomize the show and pick a circus whose direction we would go in. I saw a bell go off on its down and a planchette flip off a ouija board and to the floor. Riveting!
♡ Said hello to Captain Nathan Seekerman, a familiar face from last year.
♡ Victorians and Voodoo lecture, where I met Reverend Dee. We had taken an elevator together in the morning! Very smart lady indeed. I got to ask questions about voodoo. The introduction was hearty, and clearly from someone who knows their practice.
♡ Ran into Tiffany Tran, went for hummus and champagne.
♡ Got to sample the Queen Mary champagne once more. It’s love!
♡ Worked up until 10 P.M. taking tickets for the Lee Presson and the Nails concert.
Such energy! It's a wonder he doesn't hurt himself on the stage. So good!
♡ Went into the party and got invited to dance, then swept across the whole dance floor.
♡ Got invited to a VIP séance hosted by Aiden Sinclaire. Could not make it because I had to be in at 9A.M. the next day! Still kicking myself over it! It was Jack the Ripper themed.

♡ Worked checking badges and wrangling panels in the morning. Stood outside the Makers panel and the Magical Pondering panel.
♡ Ran into Darla, Jack and Mike from the Meet Up group while at registration.
♡ Ran to see Aiden Sinclair’s show once more.
♡ Went for lunch, had champagne and bought a souvenir bottle of the Queen Mary’s champagne. Love it!
♡ Took tickets up until my shift finished at 10P.M. for Poplock Holmes, Unwoman, Frenchy & The Punk, and Nathaniel Johnstone Band.

It’s very hard for me to put into words just how happy this event makes me. The location is really beautiful, I get to see people dressed up in amazing costumes and I also get to participate. It’s really a dream come true, since I’ve been a huge fan of Steampunk fashion and music since I first started listening to Abney Park in 2008. In 2009, I got to see the Steampunk meet up at the San Diego Comic Con, and event that changed my life and convinced me that California is the state where I need to live. The rest is history.


A notable mention, also. My friend Hugo passed away January 24th, 2014. We had texted the night I met Abney Park, I was gushing to him about the concert. I thought about him while I was working the event, and think about him frequently. Time helps to heal, but we never forget those we love. Hugo was part of my introduction to California, and I miss him so much.

Some photos are compliments of Tiffany Tran.

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