Check out all of these Major Arcana cards in just one week! What is going to go down? Best be ready for it! Five Major Arcana cards out of a 9 card spread. Now that's intense!

Considering we are still smack in the middle of the month of love, it's appropriate that our emotions are stirred up and we are dealing with our connections to ourselves, as well as the outside world. Time is passing so fast, how are we already crossing the middle of the second month of 2015? Time is super flying!

Ever since I started putting my skills and my services out there, the response has been amazing. I love hearing from friends and readers of my weekly columns; it makes Samhain Moon feel more like a community than just an online journal. Thank you for being a part of it and for participating.

Monday. Strength. Exercise restraint! Sometimes you just want to have the cake all for yourself, even if it means standing opposed to someone for it. There can be a great strength in resistance and discipline. It looks good, but you should probably pass on it for now!

Tuesday. The Lovers. A mutual understanding between a mismatched pair. They use one another for the benefit that their company brings, but at least they have each other. They can work out their differences to enjoy what life has to offer.

Wednesday. Two of Swords. Slow time passing as you transition from one place to another. Transitions can require patience and enough maturity to accept that you are not yet where you want to go. You have a long way to go still, so onwards and upwards.

Thursday. Two of Coins. Settling matters almost by force. Continuing on your own free will. You decide how things go and you keep them in motion when you run the show.

Friday. Six of Cups. Memories can make you miss someone deeply, especially when you romanticize them. Be thankful for the experiences you've had, because they have brought you a long way to who you are today. Influences, people, memories from the past still relevant today. Repeat from last week!

Saturday. Seven of Swords. Theft of time; an item gone astray either by mistake or on purpose. If you catch it early, you'll gain it back. Otherwise, your time and efforts will be lost for good... or stolen. Don't waste your time and efforts on situations that don't merit it.

Sunday. The Lovers. The alternate shows up! Mutual love, kindness and understanding. Finding yourself in someone else and getting lost in their beauty. Feeling you have found one another at the right place and right time.

What to avoid. The Devil. I find this card too cute to be menacing, but perhaps that's what it is supposed to be. Break out of and away from limitations. Be free, and go do the things you need to do, not the things you feel obligated to do.

What to strive for. High Priestess. Nurture your intuition, look to go into other worlds or into other realities within yourself. Life is a wonder that is short-lived, and we are placed here to discover ourselves for very little time. Look to nurture your soul, your needs and your intuition. It'll help how you face the reality your eyes perceive, which is a perception that has been rumored to be a hologram made up by our minds. Is your reality real enough? Are you a slave to circumstance, or can you walk through parallel worlds and still function in this world?

I was contacted to review a very interesting set of cards, the likes of which I haven't used before. The concept is pretty new to our region, but is apparently very popular in Israel. I'm very excited to tell you more when I receive the cards!

There are some very exciting new additions to my collection, which is also listed on the blog now. I need to add a few recent acquisitions to it, though. While I already had a queue of things to tell you about, I will be making space in my blogging schedule to show you some new decks in print as well as some out of print beauties I have invested in. It never ends when you begin collecting cards for divination!

Also, I uploaded a video before I went out clubbing on Saturday. It shows the Prisma Visions Tarot in case you want to check it out. It was really unplanned, just turned on the web cam and started talking, but I really enjoyed the thought of putting something out there to sate the curiosity of those who have not yet received their copy. Perhaps I will try again soon, it was fun.

The Month of Love special event is valid until the end of February. Thank you to all of you endorsing my skills! I really appreciate your interest!

Wishing you a splendid week, with love and cosmic reflections aplenty!

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