I felt inclined to use the Greenwood Tarot, so today I’m doing a three card spread and asking it to bring to light whatever it wishes to share. Shuffling through this deck is a real grounding experience, it forces me to focus on what I'm doing in the moment. The cards are so large and sturdy, and yet my fingers hug around them and are able to manage them, thanks to years of experience shuffling cards. In my mind's eye I see myself walking through the thick of the woods, with powerful branches overhead and streams of sunlight beaming down from gaping holes in the leaves. It takes me somewhere else, a place of peace and of quiet to still the mind and ground myself.

At this time, I understand I have a purpose. My life is not a life lived just 'cause. Rather, I serve to find answers for others as well as myself. I am an open channel, and whatever needs to come through, will come through. For my benefit as well as that of others. After cutting the pack of cards, I turn over the first three cards off the top and enjoy my reading.

Six of Wands. Harvest.
Seasonal treats, objects in abundante to nurture your appetite and sustain you. Give thanks for all that you have, and strive to share your blessings so that they may multiply amongst those with you. You have so much!

Three of Cups. Joy.
You are at your best in company of those who understand you and share your same colored feathers. There will always be a trinity, each flanking the other with love and support. So life ebbs and flows, so the numbers wax and wane. It’s a natural process of life to seek out emotional validation in numbers and in what comes out of harmony together.

Ace of Wands. Spark of Life.
Unleash those sparks that give life to new concepts. You have much to share, much to spring into being. When you breathe life into something, you breathe potential and possibility into it. Set it free and see what it will do to all that come in contact with it. For some, it will be an end. For some, a beginning. That is the power of intention.

Look for what makes you happy in all that you have already. There is so much for you to choose from when you want to, for any mood. There is much coming together, with different tastes and smells to provide you with different experience. It can be psychedelic — but I don’t do drugs,— or it can be a fun outing with friends. Seek the things that make you feel complete and happy. If it is joining a community, so be it. If it is nurturing the community you have made, that’s fine too. Stay motivated, stay fresh. Always feel like any time you step out of the comfort zone, you’re out on an adventure. Cultivate zest for life, that which gets the fire going and motivates us to accomplish our dreams. Be the magician, make magic happen with your tools.

The way I read this was by sweeping through all three at first. I let the story come to me, and then I went card by card to absorb what each archetype stands for. In interacting with the figures, I found that this deck reads more like an oracle than a traditional tarot deck. It would be great to use some of these cards as charms for spell work.

I ended up filming a video review of the Greenwood Tarot as well, in case you'd like to check it out.

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  1. I had no idea you had a youtube channel, I'm totally geeking out here!!
    It feels like an online course. *takes notes* <3