This is something I’ve been looking forward to doing since I first went to Decadance back in 2012. You wouldn’t believe how fun it is to go goth clubbing all around the world!

Something I could appreciate about the underground music scene in Japan is that they play all kinds of genres: EBM, Synthpop, 80s, Drum N Bass, Psytrance, Happycore, Post Punk, and even some Symphonic Metal. It was a huge treat for me to be able to dance my club anthem Military Fashion Show in Tokyo. They at an A+ for music quality and variety.

I particularly appreciated how elaborate the DJs looked. One of them is a Kera model, and she happened to spin the more aggressive music.  There was one DJ that had split hair and a gothic Alice in Wonderland theme to her outfit. I was enamored with her music choices and her style, but didn't take any pictures of her. I just wanted to enjoy the experience and dance. She is actually pictured abode with the striped skirt. I just wish you could see her face!

The DJs and the people attending looked like video game characters modeled after raves or gothic subculture. Nobody takes dressing up lightly in Japan. Many of the looks you see have elaborate make-up, costumes and horns or weapon props. People brave capes in the clubs and in the streets alike. I especially like the creativity for their eccentric fashion. I had never before seen any of these outfits, but I recognized elements from traditional Japense culture, raves, Elegant Gothic Lolita, amongst others.

I was enamored by all the variety in music and in fashion. They all had big personalities to match! I think my favorite one was Bazookistan. She had really beautiful make-up, outfit and a really tough personality. I wanted to walk up and say hello, but given my limited Japanese opted just to sit back and admire. It surprised me to see this event in particular was mostly made up of foreign patrons.

It was also great to catch up with Takuya, a man I met when I first went to Decabar in 2012. You can see photos that I took of him back in my blog entry. Isn’t life great like that?

Ever since we first met, Taku took it upon himself to polish his English. He has traveled all around and lived in France for a few months. He was just as kindhearted and charming as I remembered him to be. It's great to catch up with someone you haven't seen in years, especially when the connection remains. Cheers for having friends all around the globe!

What else is left to say? I danced the night away. Come 4A.M., my feet hurt and the streets of Shinjuku were crawling with boys looking to ask girls out. I had one guy run from a block or so away to catch up and ask me out. (So funny to hear the footsteps and realize it is because someone was looking to meet you!) Not even five minutes after, another guy tried to ask me out. It made my night to know that even after dancing my hair fluffy, there were boys that still wanted to meet me.

A beautiful night. Many good memories.

I've got many tarot posts in the queue, as well as some creative projects from earlier in the year. With such a busy schedule, it has been a challenge to publish on a bi-weekly basis!


  1. Seriously, please! Stash me in your suitcase next time, I need to go to Japan... how soon is now!? <3333

    1. Yeah you really need to go. I went to a store that was all you. They had like three cat stores in the same street, and one tea store with really amazing cat tea cups. It was a town that embodied your soul.

      More pictures to come.