On our first day in Tokyo we took a JR Yamanote line train to Akihabara, where I set off to find the Final Fantasy Eorzea Café. Mom got to see Maid Café adverts and girls for the first time and she was absolutely surprised. The café we went to was beautifully set up. It was an immersive experience.

As it turns out, you actually need to have a reservation to get into the café. We turned around to leave when a sweet boy from Indonesia named Chris came up to offer us a seat. Apparently he had two extra tickets and he was there with his friend, so we joined them at the table. He was geeing out even harder than I was, which is tough considering I played FF6-14. I love Final Fantasy!

As you are walking in, you are faced with the logo of the café beautifully mounted for exhibit… and photos. When we walked inside, we found beautiful recreations of the world of Eorzea, from Final Fantasy XIV. I saw familiar characters and swords. They had a map of Eorzea mounted on the wall, and the restaurant was playing updated music from the game. A treat!

When we sat down, we were so confused. The lady dressed in blue started calling out the rules of the game in Japanese. Neither Chris, my Mom or I are fluent in Japanese. Apparently we were given tickets once we sat down that had a number on them. They passed around a menu that showed prizes for a raffle. We smiled to ourselves and watched the show. It was really pretty loopy. To my surprise, while I was taking photos of the menu they called out my number. When they came back later, they declared I had won the first prize: A huge dessert. I got teased for it being my lucky day. First we didn’t even have a table, then we had a table with a party and we won first prize. Wow!

Looking over the menu was definitely a huge treat. It was beautifully designed and the food was impeccable in presentation. They gave our table cool coasters and a limited edition seasonal poster, of which I brought back two copies to gift to my friends. Every time they brought over our food, they would also bring us coasters of classes and summons. Badass!

At first we were too excited to focus on a coherent conversation. We were interviewing back and forth about where we were from, and how we had all ended up in Japan. The beautiful thing about Japan is that it brings people together because there really aren't very many foreigners connecting unless they are in school together. It made the experience sweeter. Once we have gotten the interviews out of the way, we started geeking over the menu and all the little details thay the café boasted from the games.

The drinks were amazing, and the food was thematic. We all ended up ordering different things, and boy! Were they interesting. Honestly, I’d not have touched a few of them. Cold udon noodles with seafood? No way!

Before we were ready to head out, they brought us the cake. It was THE cake. It was massive, bigger than anything I’ve ever seen for just four people. It had pound cake, cereal, pancakes, ice cream, fruit, syrup, orchids, a sparkler… well. See for yourself. It’s massive.

The outing was magical. I had so much fun. We couldn’t stop laughing and stuffing our faces. Chris ended up being really charming, really nice and really funny. By the end of it we exchanged Facebook information and took a very teethy group photo.

Definitely a wonderful way to crown our first night back in Tokyo.

I walked out of there feeling like I was walking on clouds. This experience was definitely the staple of an example of why I love Japan so much. There is so much magic in Tokyo that it does not feel at all like real life. And I love it for that.

For your enjoyment, here are a few photos from the menu.

Please do visit the Eorzea Café if you end up in Akihabara! It is a must see for all of those hardcore Square Enix fans out there. I will remember this event fondly.


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    1. Yes! Makes you want to ditch your responsibilities to play games for days. ♡♡

      I would if I didn't have so much work to catch up on.

      I heart you!

  2. Genuínamente siento que voy a llorar, Mónica no puedo contigo, quiero ser tu por un billón. ¡!
    The photos are all so pretty & you even took photos of the menu/food... I seriously need to go to Japan one day with you so you can share with me all of your knowledge.
    Estoy, babiandome, still.. sigshshsghjghfshgd. ♡ ♡ ♡

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

  3. Cafe looks amazing. I dont know what is better. Foods or architecture inside bulding...