These cards arrive pleasantly packaged in their own custom pouch. When you pull the drawstring bag open, you find the logo of the deck in logotype or in the face of a court jester. It's a great touch!

To my understanding, early orders were able to get a super special personalized Kipper Card deck with their initials or name monogrammed in the back. I've never heard of artists taking the trouble to do that with their individually crafted decks... this makes each deck truly one of a kind! Now that's cool!

The style of the deck is quite beautiful and is set in Victorian England. Notice the clothes and the backdrops to the people in the story.

Even though it is my first introduction to Kipper cards, the system is very easy to read intuitively. One could venture to treat interpretations similarly to Lenormand. This deck comes with its own PDF of instructions, which shares the journey the artist Ciro Marchetti went through to create it. We are also delighted with an interview featuring a seasoned Kipper Card reader, Fortune Buchholtz.

Ciro Marchetti is very transparent about his work. He is also pleasantly humorous and I can appreciate his humor. Just yesterday was his birthday. Happy birthday, Ciro!!

My first experience with this deck was rather ominous. My dear friend Von Betelgeuse came to me with concerns that her Grandmother was having over visions concerning world events. Since I was contemplating the possibility, I reached out for the Fin de Siecle Oracle and shuffled it for the very first time. I held my concentration and then let the cards fall on the table was they liked. It was more of a confirmation than anything. I sent this photo to my friend and we discussed the possibilities.

I always test my decks when I first start reading with them to see how they make me feel. This deck made a good impression because of how little bonding time I needed with it to get a precise reading on the situation. I like it! I also think it is quite beautiful.

What is your most important characteristic?
I like to bring people together, whether it is in your line of work or in the Querents you service. The goal is to have everyone meet their needs. This is the start of a new relationship, and all relationships take time and effort to be nurtured and brought to the level you want them to be at.

What are your strengths as a kipper deck?
I further strengthen your bond to the divine and your promise to yourself. When you allow yourself to be romanced by the way the cards speak to one another, you draw connections from the cards into your life. Together we are much stronger.

What are your limits?
Main Female.
You decide where a lot of this goes. You can’t just be told everything. The person that is reading is as in charge of their responsibilities as the Querent is. There is no escape for having to shoulder your responsibilities.

What are you here to teach me?
I love this. I bring you the gift of sight and of understanding yourself with the use of secret arcane wisdom. You will be giving this same gift of understanding to others as well.

I come as a gift whose secrets you unravel in time. You are going to learn to use your own gifts with more precision and care.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Bad Health.
It is most important that you watch your physical, mental and spiritual health as you interact with this deck. You will also be nurturing others and helping them along their way. You come and assess the issue and then you provide clear solutions.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Fairness and balance are what you will take from this relationship. You are to balance your mind so that you may also help balance others. Many times you will be faced with difficult decisions, but you will have to think carefully before you deliberate.

Which card do you want to show off?
Arduous work feels like a prison for some, yet for others it is freedom. Make sure you employ your skills to the use of others who are in need. It’s your responsibility as psychic to provide solace where others cannot find it.

How do you see me?
You strive to bring people together. You’ve done so every since you were a child. When you are gone, you will have inspired somebody else to do the same. As they will inspire somebody else to do the same. That’s the cycle of legacy.

How do you see yourself?
Coffin. It’s a secret.

Please visit Ciro Marchetti to place an order for your own Fin de Siecle Oracle deck.

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