Card decks that move me profoundly are the ones I keep in my purse and on my decks for years. With great joy I write to tell you that I found one of those decks for myself today. The Distant Past Tarot!

Cerulean and emerald jewel tones delight my eyes and soothe the path from one card to the next. I can put their stories together because they are expressive and read seamlessly. Oh yes, this is the kind of deck you can work with right after opening and shuffling. Spend some time thinking about the question, and the first time you put your cards out on the table they sing. No need to spend some time getting acquainted with the deck and giving it time to soak up your vibes. It’s instant, like love at first sight. I’m hooked!

The card stock is buttery and sturdy linen playing card stock. I appreciate the fineness of the paper. You can bend them this way and that without warping them too much, and so they will hold up to use for years without deteriorating at an increased pace. This promises longevity and many happy years reading. If you are like me and burn through the pristine condition of your cards because you use them for work, then this deck is definitely for you!

A new workhorse to love and wear down. I am so excited to use them for my daily draws and to use them when I am on the go. I know they will impress and delight my querents because they are simply gorgeous. They have already made an impression on many Tumblr users that have spotted them being used.

I ended up selling the poker size and purchasing a standard tarot size because I had to focus so much to see the cards. They weren't legible enough for me and were going to cause problems with my eyesight. Heads up, though. I suggest you be really sure of the size you choose when you place your order. The artist behind this deck is not warm and did not give me decent customer service. She was actually dry and impersonal. I've never had this negative experience with a deck creator before, where they don't really extend themselves to you if you're not happy with your order. Even though this deck is gorgeous and I'd love to get a backup copy, I won't be doing it because I don't want to endorse the unpleasant seller. This was just my experience and it won't necessarily be yours. I'd much prefer to get the backup copy secondhand from someone else, though. Not sending any more funds her way.

EDIT: A little while back Jeri Totten actually contacted me about this review. I don't know if she was trying to get me to change my review on her or not, but she said exactly the same thing in her follow up e-mail that she said to me when I contacted her about my issue. I kid you not, word by word it was the same excuse. I asked her why she bothered writing at all when she had the exact same thing to say and then never heard back. So the customer service remains dismal. If you're just going to justify bad customer service, better keep the words to yourself. I'm not impressed or amused by the redundancy, and frankly it doesn't change my opinion one bit. I owe my blog my most honest opinion. After so many glowing reviews, there had to be something that would eventually happen to me that would not be so great. I have a right to be as transparent in my blog as I am being.

While you may disagree with me, my experience was a negative one. She didn't extend herself past a meaningless 10% discount. That's just sad. It did not make up for my trouble to pass the deck on  at all, and after I've had wonderful customer service from others this is just laughable.

With that said, the cards themselves are gorgeous and we can't tie the negative entity with the glowing work. I intend to throw away the title card and attribute the cards to claim the name for themselves. And that's that.

But for now, let's read some cards.

What is your most important characteristic?
Queen of Cups. This deck is dominated by blue hues, connecting it visually to emotion and introspective intuition. Think carefully, internalize the message and then deliver it with grace and compassion. Let this be your archetypal guide helping you forward and helping you connect with such a sacred tool.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Seven of Wands. Conflicts are directly addressed, and so are your choices. Anything that can help save you from the stress of the situation will be emphasized, but in times of stress you need to be connected to all your senses as well as quick on your feet. You don’t always count on the luxury of time to do what you need to do.

What are your limits?
Five of Swords. There are times when no matter what you do, you are contradicted. Things don’t work out. Please remember that some things in life are in your control. Others are simply not. What you do have control over you certainly can influence, and what you have no control over you will just have to let go.

What are you here to teach me?
The Moon. Connect to your intuition through all of the senses. Use your gift of sight to see beyond what is portrayed, into the world of departed souls and energy manifesting itself. Harness the divinity to help yourself see past the veil of the impossible and into some really amazing cosmic sights. Enlist your third eye.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Knight of Coins. Proceed at a steady pace, and try to be protective of those things in your control. Guard your posture and expression when you deliver the message. Be aware that others will not be viewing through the veils with you, which is why it is important for you to still be able to articulate mundane messages channeled through divine means. Digest the message and feed it to your sitters with clarity and precision.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Ace of Cups. True love and compassion generated to share with others, as well as your inner self. Spread the love and help others get started better understanding their feelings and impulses.

Which card do you want to show off?
Seven of Swords. Trickery and good-natured pranks. Or are they? Don’t be fooled by the beautiful imagery. This deck packs a bite. Stay vigilant so you don’t miss anything directed at you.

How do you see me?
Nine of Cups. Entering a happy period in your life, where you have everything you need. And then some. Amused by the surprises and the blessings life has started steadily bringing your way. Light of heart and soon light of soul as well.

How do you see yourself?
King of Coins. Well groomed and opulent in image as well as presence. This archetypal correspondence signifies a well thought out deck with enough substance and assurance to help anyone venturing the spiritual and mundane realms tune in. The rewards are great, enjoy the journey.

Looking forward to breezy spring days with tea, flowers and magic.


  1. It most definitely IS a beyond gorgeous deck and a delight to read with. And i also must say, that i have always found that Jeri Totten [the creator] very warm, personable and lovely--giving wonderful customer service. i have bought several decks from her over the years, and this has always been my personal experience. xox

    1. Like I said, you are free to disagree.

      She contacted me about this spread to say exactly what she had said the last time. Why bother writing if you are just going to repeat yourself? It's beyond me. Her "customer service" simply sucks.

      She's not a warm person at all. That's my experience and I will stick to it.

  2. Hi Monica, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. thats too bad but you are right the cards are gorgeous! looks like she closed her Etsy shop.. yikes. I am in love with this deck. Do you have any suggestions how I can purchase this deck? I've looked everywhere online.. tarot marketplaces etc.

    1. Oh, I'm so shocked to hear this. Let me take a look around my corners of the Internet and see if I can spot one.

    2. Hi Monica.. I'm still looking for the deck.. have you had any luck? I found a gal that had a deck she was willing to sell.. but decided to keep them for herself at the last minute. boooo lol

    3. I haven't found it yet. There are tarot marketplace groups on FB you should post "iso" threads in. Those typically work for even the rarest decks.