Do you have a tarot card that chases you throughout your readings?

We’ve all been there.

You shuffle the cards thoroughly in between readings or even pick up a different deck. You’ve been at it a while and so you finally cut and deal. Sure enough, there it is winking back at you. Emphasis. You know the card well, but why is it popping up so often and what is it trying to get you to pay attention to?

Well, there’s a way to figure that out. I’m going to talk about one of the many ways you can do it.

Shuffle the deck and think about the card that is stalking you. Ask, “What is [the stalker card] trying to tell me?”

When you feel like you are done shuffling, put the deck on the reading space with the card faces up. This means that the backs of the cards lie against the table. Fan the deck out and look for your stalker card. Take it out with the two cards surrounding it. Clear the deck from the table and keep only the five cards in front of you.

The card that has been following me lately has been the Queen of Wands. I am using it for this exercise.

King of Hearts — Ten of Coins — Queen of Wands — Three of Wands — Death

The one true love has built a castle to the Queen of Wands in the past. After some time, that all flopped.

That’s the gist of the situation, but let’s go closer.

I don’t identify with this Queen. She is nothing like me. Where I am analytical and quiet, she announces herself when she arrives. She is the life of the party and I am a wallflower. I can admire her for her seductive qualities, as I admire most of the women I cross. This one calls out for attention.

Who is her King of Hearts? Not my King. I’ve had a history with her corresponding King, the King of Wands. Now I tend to gravitate towards men better suited to me, the King of Swords, or signifiers from the Major Arcana. They are the ones that are quiet and serious, with a penchant for learning and thinking. At times I even have the King of Coins pop up in my readings. But no, this is the King of Cups. He’s a suitor. I spurn him with my lack of interest. He builds castles, I destroy them because I’m not interested.

My cards are telling me to be like the Queen of Wands and use charm. It’s telling of my life in the present time. I’ve made conscious efforts to come out of my shell and socialize. In doing so, I am trying to override my introverted nature. So far it is paying in dividends, and I feel like I am making quality friends.

The cards have spoken and I understand their secret language. Time passes slowly in my life and I rarely ever leave my living quarters, I feel as if I am always waiting for change and now I am the one causing the change. Even if I don’t identify with this Queen, I am acting accordingly to her behavior.  I also get the feeling it’s a person in my life, and that would make sense also. But I will respect her privacy and not talk about her.

To further add to this exercise, I looked for my own signifier to see what is happening around her and to see if my cards interact with these cards I pulled for the stalker card. And why not? I love cards.

Princess of Swords — Six of Coins — Queen of Swords — King of Swords — Ten of Wands

You see? There you have him, looking straight at me while I look into myself. Grounded and in the present. Butterfly emphasizing my open crown chakra, which channels all the messages in my life. I am a seeress, and a damn sharp one after 16 years of divining and some working with the spirits.

I have the thought that the story above could be the story between the King of Swords and I. It all ends with a 10.

Starting out, there are thoughts to work on the interaction. With all responsibilities, the effort goes into priorities, leaving both the users spent. Energy is a finite source, and you need to replenish it

Additionally, there are questions you can use with this layout.

♡ Why is this card stalking me?
♡ What is the relevance of this card in my life?
♡ Am I projecting a quality of this card?
♡ What can I do to confirm I have received the message?
♡ Outcome

Mystery solved. Message received.

If you want your relationships to those closest you to flourish, make time for them and let them feel a part of your life.

If you’re still hungry for more information…

For situations where I want to read it as a story, I’ll use the stalking card as a starting point and read all the cards under it. The ones to the right of the card. To understand how the circumstance got to this, I’ll go back to the left side about 10 cards up and read downwards. This provides context.

Now try it yourself and let me know how it goes.

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