Everything manifested as a surprise last week! I had some very crazy adventures during the middle of the week that intensified with the coming of the Blue Moon. I lived that saying out with all the bells and whistles! There was a lot of excitement present and a lot of social activity that we're not used to engaging in. Still, it was pretty amazing. I love it when you go out of your daily routine to try new things out in order to learn new things.

Notice the Sun and the Moon side by side. Whenever I see this in a reading, I'm not sure how to interpret it. I see it as polar opposites, dark and light, good and bad, happy and sad, but I see them coexisting. I wouldn't say it's harmonious because they're not blending together, but it does look like they aren't mixing. They simply hover side by side. They float side by side but not together.

Notice there is one of every suit present, but there is also a heavy hand of Major Arcana. Four Majors are quite powerful, and more so the ones that are related. I also see magic present and new beginnings. Making things happen after dreaming about them for a long time. The Fool card makes it important to understand the importance of the projects I am starting out. There is also the Coins element reversed. It's strange because I don't reverse cards while I shuffle, and when they finally turn up reversed, I take it as a sign that they need to be. It means that I need to focus on getting that card upright.


Monday. Princess of Wands. An energetic woman holds onto a wand that sparks with energy and magic. She has two spirit animals present, the tiger and the ram. She's charismatic, fierce, ready for action. This is a boom in creativity or a passionate encounter with somebody, be it passionate or angry.

Tuesday. The Sun. A day to rejoice in the sun and to soak up the rays of the morning. It can be an indication of an early start to the day, or of a celebration of the fact that we're alive. Two women dance under the sun in this card, gazing up at the news of warmth and delight. Good news could come.

Wednesday. The Moon. The complete opposite of the Sun card. A day for introspection and focus on nocturnal activity. The moon symbolizes lunacy, illusion, wild fantasies, and manifestations of dreams in our lives. This is an Egyptian portal to the next world, insinuated in the pillars with locks. What you can tap into through them is intense, so make sure you're ready for that knowledge before you jump into the next level.

Thursday. Eight of Swords. This is an inactive day, a day in which things don't get done or things feel compromised in place. It is an indication not to make big or special plans for today, because it is very likely the plan won't fall through as foreseen. That's something to consider. This card manifested as what to avoid last week, and in that vein, that's a direct message in what to avoid.

Friday. King of Coins. Embracing warmth and stability. There is a lot more action and aggression than I am used to seeing for the King of Coins in this illustration. He has a smug face that I can't trust and the bull is charging, drawing his chariot with great vigor and strength.

Saturday. Three of Cups. Another social day. A day to go out and rejoice or bring the party with you wherever you go. As an emotional card, it signifies general wellness and contentment with everything around you. The cups are flowing, it could be a day of heavy drinking or a moment in which intense emotions are spilled. The churning of the water gives it a festive feel with Mercury and Gemini.

Sunday. The Magician. A day of getting organized, getting back to work, and of manifesting dreams into reality. Watch as he takes his wand to create the illusion with what seems to be a scroll in his hands. He has all his elements laid out before him, so it looks like he has done a lot of research before performing this ritual. This is an action shot in which we witness divinity as it blesses the Magician with magic made real. It all started with the dream that later came to his will, though.

What to avoid. The Fool. Avoid starting over if you don't really know where you want to go. The wolf at his feet is warning him that if he jumps, he's going to come crashing down into the aggressive sea. He doesn't sem to notice the warning because he is distracted by the orb that radiates life into his face. All he needs to do is gather his courage before the jump. He knows he won't be coming back after he does. This is a warning of not doing foolish things and not allowing others to make you look like a fool.

What to strive for. Six of Coins. [Reversed] Untying the knot that keeps my financial energies in place. It's time to break back into the Earth to find out what isn't working for me so that I can rectify it. I had some compromises to make this past weekend and now I want to focus on my needs. This means to prioritize options and organize the elements into something that can keep growing. Accept help if it is offered and look to get things back in motion if they are not.

Today I had some major inconveniences. I misplaced my camera and reading cloth... but managed to get creative on both accounts. Hope the difference isn't bothersome!

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