This spread is so very lacking in Swords and Coins! When we focus so closely on certain areas of our life, we lose perspective of others if we're not paying attention. I am specifically worried about my career with the sign of loss so clearly stated in the material realm. I can't say I'll miss the Swords too much, though. With all the things that happened in 2012, Samhain Moon is more than ready to move on from the difficulties. To be honest, so am I. Who says we need to live our lives with limitations and problems? Leave that to 2012!

Have you noticed the Sun and Moon pairing as the only Major Arcana paired and present? Never mind the courts, this is a serendipitous event! Notice the polarities between loud and quiet, J as the Sun and me as the Moon, light vs. dark, extroversion vs. introversion; it can teach us to master our public and private selves. It's a particularly important relation to my romantic life, and that's definitely not coincidental. Any other combination was possible in a deck of 78 cards. Now I have to make sense of it as I go step by step!

Should you be interested in doing this reading for yourself, here is the spread that I used. I hope that it will bring you as much clarity as it brought me. Feel free to post your results in the comments section!


01. October: Nine of Cups. Emotional satiety, enjoying the luxury of good company and happy events. This is a card of romantic wellness and of social activity/celebration — after all, this is my birthday month! There are lots of surprises, so please stay tuned to participate in the celebration.

02. November: Three of Wands. Lots of things in my life hover without conclusion. There are dreams, plans and aspirations held up that I am looking forward to carry out. In waiting for news or opportunities, I find myself taking a rather restless slumber before the pace picks back up. It feels like a lull in time in preparing for the new year.

03. December: Knight of Cups. Stirrings in feelings and romantic declarations. These are dreamy, intense thoughts in regards to myself and others. It will be a full year since my ayahuasca ritual and the death of my grandmother, and as a consequence, I no longer celebrate Christmas or New Year. Feelings can be turbulent when they're fresh, and in this card I see a splash — and possibly spill — of feelings.

04. January:
Ten of Cups. Emotional satiety at its finest! Enjoying a fulfilled family and romantic life. This is a splendid start of the year as opposed to the extreme hermit cab syndrome I went through in 2012. It is rare to come across this special mindset, so January looks like a time to embrace these blessings.

05. February: Page of Cups.
Naive, emotional messages made manifest. This is an offer that is tied to the heart. It can be of admiration, a romantic exchange, or a good time to enjoy the romantic train that starts in October.

06. March: King of Wands.
Hello, handsome! This is J's signifier without fail. What's going on that this month is so obviously centered around you? No matter, the qualities of the King of Wands are of creativity, charisma and burning passion. So much fire makes this man volatile, fleeting and challenging to keep his interest going. Let's see which side of you manifests, and whether it is in you or in me. Maybe we'll just spend a lot of time together.

07. April:
Five of Coins. Yikes! This is a sign of trouble for my finances. It looks like it will be a tough time as far as my career is concerned. Since the year is so heavily charged with the intuition and emotional influence of water, this could be a feeling of being left out from an important project. It is not easy to deal with the shortcomings either way, so I must most definitely prepare for what comes next. Better make some handy remedies for this time! Luckily with the influence of the Sun card in the center of the reading, the negativity and challenge of this card may not manifest in entirety.

08. May:
Ten of Wands. Mental burnout as a consequence of the month before. It's to be expected, no one takes to losses easily. With a noticeable improvement coming in June, I can see this will be temporary. The best way to deal with exhaustion is to nurture the body with rest and special treats to pamper the mood. Three difficult months out of 12 don't sound so bad. I know what when I get all saturated, I vanish from the scope of social networks and take a break. This may be a good time to do just that.

09. June:
Page of Wands. Temptation, passion, creativity, and fire. This is a card of flares that are within manifesting; hopefully not as rage or yet another medical condition to deal with! Give me instead some spice to garnish my life with and some playful memories to fill my fiery with. Notice the lack of restraint after two rough months... that's quite the comeback!

10. July:
Three of Cups. Times to socialize and celebrate. Accomplishment or social gathering? Suggestion of an impossible hangover on the next day? Still, a time to let my hair loose and engage in something — that could be — pleasant. It feels like I may meet for drinks with an old friend, maybe. It's also a sign not to lose sight of my goals.

11. August:
The Moon. My signifier is present as a sign of psychic intuition, which comes from a cherished family legacy. In which form? Dreams, tarot, visions, environmental lunacy, or unexpected adventures at night? Given the month and all the elements present, it's hard to tell... but this is the only Major Arcana present in all 12 months. That should count for something, right? Sometimes I'm intimidated by this card...

12. September:
Page of Swords. This is never a card that makes me happy. On one side it can mean a mental stimulation and research, but I have a tendency to read it like petty arguments. These are the situations that easily make you feel as if you have been subjected to something indecent or unfair. Nobody likes to be in that situation.

13. Clarifier: The Sun.This is a powerful card to influence all 12 others. As it extends its rays of light — or enlightenment — I feel like the negative cards will [hopefully] hit me a little less hard. This is a very powerful Major Arcana, and the sign that my year will shift from heavy to positive. Hey, a girl can hope! 2012 hit me really hard in just about every area of my life. Picking up the pieces after such riveting events merits a positive change. It looks like the uncertainty clears to leave doors open to a new and refreshing cycle.

The Annual Review has proven quite resourceful as the year pushes slowly onward. I review my progress at the beginning and end of every month and find that it has been effective. So effective in fact that I incorporate it into all my 01 hour readings. I love hearing back from my clients on their progress as well. As the year comes to a close, I will offer some discounts to anyone that wants some insight on how the next year is going to go. This is a good opportunity for you to start 2013 in the right foot!

Head on over to my Tarot section and book a reading with me!

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