Last week was a blissful one indeed. Things are slowly coming back into place in different areas, which makes it easier to shoulder remaining responsibilities and goals. Last week felt like rest from stress and trouble, and it brought with it a lot of satisfaction over the weekend.

This reading speaks to me about the general sense of satisfaction and pride in our own work. When we nurture a project and the team of people working in that project, things work out just fine. When there are obstacles to overcome, all parts of the team must be receptive and in place. If one link misses its function, the rest of the links fail as well. It's so important to keep that in mind when you work in a team and when you have others depending on you, as well as you depending on them. Trinities don't work if all three sides are not synchronized. There is a lot to prepare for this week.

There are cards of every suit present, although during the week the majority of the spread is composed of Major Arcana, Wands and Coins. The advice cards have the two missing suits. It was quite a surprise to see so many reversals in this spread because I don't usually shuffle my cards in such a way to reverse anything. However, I am the kind of reader that reads reversals if and when they show up. It it a message that warrants attention or rectifying.


Monday. Death. [Reversed] Harsh or difficult losses. These are changes that are tough to swallow, problems that take a little more than just one day to get over. The transformation can be abrupt and it may feel counterproductive because of the hardships it brings with it. Death brings with it change that is not reversible but that may be necessary.

Tuesday. Eight of Pentacles. Polishing, tweaking, perfecting. This card shows it's important to work on something as long as it reaches the desired status. It will be a busy day to get things organized and worked out according to plan. Schedules may have to be compromised to get through to the things that need to be done, and this comes with a willing sacrifice. More keywords for this card are hard work, dedication, apprenticeship, or going back to the start.

Wednesday. The Sun. Second week in a row! This is indicative of your day in the sun, of good news and positive vibes. Last few times it has popped up, it was the signifier of good news and relief. I see it as being of positive, free of burdens and of worries as well. The Sun lightens up the cards around it, thus making the negative connotations a little less so.

Thursday. Three of Wands. Waiting. This is a day of buildup over the weekend, because there is a lot to be expected. It can be seen as a period of rest or a break before getting back to the grind. There is a big activity coming up and everything needs to be in place, but this may be the day in which unexpected last-minute changes come in. It's time to wait to see what will come of it, because as of right now, nobody is really clear on how it is going to go.

Friday. Three of Pentacles. [Reversed] Work may not be going together, it's a time to deal with problems and with inconveniences. Whatever is upside down must be rectified in a day. What are the challenges ahead and how can they be overcome? (Turn the card right side up, it will turn into proper teamwork.) It's also a sign that what has not been done at this point will not be ready in time, so it is best to let go and rest.

Saturday. The Hierophant. [Reversed] The Hierophant upside down is a tough lesson to learn, or one learned after a long and hard-fought. This is an intimidating card considering how harsh punishment can be if one deviates from the path laid down before them. When we make a commitment, we are subjected to rules and parameters by which we must abide. If we decide to go against those boundaries, we are likely to be put back in out place. Being rude or stubborn won't help much even if we defend those ideals.

Sunday. Knight of Pentacles. This is the culmination of effort and of a working week. The day is set to revolve around financial stability and a sense of fulfillment. It may be one opportunity leading to another, a gift or an unexpected gain in income. Be open! This card rules material gain through effort.

What to avoid. Four of Cups. [Reversed] Avoid getting distracted, bored or stagnant. This is a reminder to dream free and without restraint. When we get comfortable, we can get caught up in ruts made of our own design.

What to strive for. Knight of Swords. Swift action, clear mind. Saying the things we need to can be tough if we take other people's feelings into consideration. Sometimes the necessary thing to do is just to state intentions and needs coolly, calmly, but firm. We're constantly standing up for ourselves and in pursuit of our objectives, which makes it easy to forget about other people's thoughts about what we do. The best way to avoid misunderstandings or difficult situations is to be clear and mindful, but to also defend our perspective if need be.

Looking forward to see how things will play out this weekend. There is so much going on!