What an intense weekend! My head is still buzzing from all the rush, hustle and bustle. Last week's Hello Witches proved accurate and served as a really good warning for what I was in for. This past weekend was the Kaisen XI and I was working as staff. I donated my tarot skills. but on top of that I was also supervising and making sure that things could run more smoothly. The Kokeshi group had a series of obstacles present that needed to be solved before the big activity. The goal was achieved, but not without hard work and team effort. Although we didn't get to enjoy the activity as much as we would have liked, we're still very proud of the product of hard work. We felt that we were surrounded by some really interesting cosplays, and would have loved to pose with them for photos.

This week there are three Major Arcana cards present in the spread and three court carts. Strength as restraint or courage when needed, the Star as a shining indication of hope for the future, and Wheel of Fortune for an indication of radical changes. The spread is missing the suit of Wands, the suit of energy and creativity. Since it was burnt out over the weekend, some time to recuperate would be nice.  Notice the people in the cards staring at the left, to the past and to the Queen of Coins.

Monday. Queen of Pentacles. This court card presents the comfort of luxury that is earned by hard work. The person represented is one that has worked hard to achieve her reputation and status. As a person, this card is a personal signifier for my Mom, who is an earth sign. The signifier for Leo brings some extra things to the table, such as an extra bite.

Tuesday. Strength. After so many manifestations, I have started to see this card as one of restraint. Inner emotions can fire up in the wrong time, which makes the situation more difficult to handle. The lion looks perfectly content as it lays by a woman in ecstasy. Some sensual messages can be derived from this card judging by her pose...

Wednesday. Star. The Star and Strength looks towards the first card in the reading. Notice the illumination covering the topmost chakra. She is enlightened, and she wants to share that enlightenment with the cards prior. The Star promises hope for the future, but in looking towards the past it can mean to learn from mistakes. When we do, we grow in many ways.

Thursday. Two of Swords. Inactivity, a block in communication. This is a temporary stillness, a period of inaction while deliberating on the stage we will enter next. The dirigibles are in a land far away, they look like thoughts floating elsewhere. There is more dialogue than there is action present.

Friday. Three of Coins. Working well under pressure, accepting the weight of the burden we are presented with. It looks like a burden far more heavy than we can carry. In the card, the person moves forward without buckling knees or stumbling. This is a clear representation of what can achieved with persistence.

Saturday. Knight of Cups. As he looks into the past, he projects his thoughts onto the other cards. This card shows a dreamer, one who belongs in space more so than in a mundane setting. He's artistic, brooding and impulsive with his feelings. In this context it could be an apology or an explanation for impulsive behavior. It could also be an intimate confession.

Sunday. Wheel of Fortune. The wheel starts turning again and bringing about radical changes. With the closing of a cycle comes the immediate start of another one with very little time to get composure. As the days go by, things continue to develop that are not in our control. We just need to hang on and hope things will work out for the best.

What to avoid. Five of Cups. Avoid feeling upset over finding a path blocked or inconveniences in the way. Often those walls are placed to test us on how much we want something, and if we're willing to climb those walls to get what we want. Challenge accepted, this week the focus will be on unblocking the way and in dealing with disappointments.

What to strive for. Queen of Cups. Letting those caught up feelings flow freely. The hardest part is in starting. Once it has, the murky parts in our consciousness can be cleared for some sensible dialogue. At her best, the Queen of Cups nurtures the spirit and the romantic aspect of our lives. In the shadow aspect, this card looks like turning to drinking or hallucinogens for peace of mind or escapism.

I managed to find the same cloth as the one I misplaced in a few other colors.


  1. Love the way you read these cards - part intuition, part face value, part meanings you've established for yourself over time :)

    It's Thursday, and here I am, hoping to open a dialogue, a way of communicating with parts unknown. I really enjoy reading your blog, and have nominated you for a super sweet blogging award :D Details are here: http://www.neopaganpriestess.com/2012/09/super-sweet-blogger.html