I did not connect with last week's cards as well as I would have liked to. Even though there is powerful symbolism in them, I don't think I was in the right mindset for cards of this caliber. To my understanding, they follow the Thoth school of thought. I am still not the most well-versed when it comes to the Thoth Tarot. I need some experience in that field still. The week itself was pretty uneventful because I couldn't concentrate on anything, but the weekend was absolutely wonderful. It got started late on a Saturday, but turned out great as it progressed. I spent all of Saturday with my boyfriend J, and most of Sunday for what turned out to be an unexpected adventure. We're getting really excited for Halloween coming up! It scares me a little when I realize I still have so much to do before festivities begin.

This week's is the Joie de Vivre tarot by Paulina Cassidy. I have been using this and the Paulina Tarot for the past week in my professional tarot readings and find it quite nice. The cards have a lot of detail and can be read based off the symbols you see in them. If I don't have the time to interpret them one by one, I can still keep to the meanings that I have assigned to them from the traditional Rider-Waite Smith. They are quite expressive, I think they merit a review and possibly a comparison post.

Notice also the three Major Arcana cards present in this spread: The Fool, The Lovers and The Chariot. They point out new beginnings, decisions and putting those decisions into action even when the opposing sides prove difficult to straighten out. All the suits are present, making this spread quite balanced out. It's going to be an interesting week for sure.

Monday. The Fool. The good-natured Fool hears the call for a new journey. She's ready to step off the cliff and begin, but a little bat behind her is trying to remind her about the trouble that lies ahead. I don't think she cares about the trouble, she's more excited about the new things she's about to experience. She brings a bat and a spider along with her, which are two animals I have coming up a lot in my life lately.

Tuesday. Six of Cups. The girl has clocks and memories around her. She's in a reverie of melancholy, thinking about the past and how fond she is of it. This is true for me, I do spend a lot of time thinking about my college life and how sweet it was in some respects. I really enjoyed being a Ringling student, and remain proud of the legacy of this college. With the Six of Cups there will be messages coming from the past, or reminders of someone that I used to be and how that can help in the next coming week. Old habits, old work routines, old thoughts coming into play.

Wednesday. Two of Wands. A girl reclines on a wand with one of her imaginary friends sitting on her head. She left a wand out, but she's more concerned with the little globe in her hand. She made a decision and she's ready to part ways with the path that won't be traveled. This card is about making choices after a brief moment of consideration. Often I feel like my life diverges into two paths, and I need to choose one over the other. There is no way to compromise and travel them both. Wednesday may be the day I finally have to say, "okay. I choose path #1."

Thursday. The Lovers. Once the journey has started, the week turns its attention to another subject. The subject of partnerships becomes more important. This is a day to embrace what is going on with my romantic and business partnerships. There is harmony present in the card and a little bird with a message flying overhead. The two lovers ride side by side with their hands entwined. They don't have time for anybody else because they are completely immersed in each other. I like the thought of that.

Friday. Five of Coins. When you get distracted from your daily routines, you often notice the shortages once you focus on where your finances are going. The figure is in the dark, feeling left out from the stability that the rest of the world has got going. Often what we need to do in this situation is turn it around so that we can accept the help that is being given to us. The glowing coins with candles present themselves as options that are right there but that we choose to ignore. It could be alluding to my job situation, but for now I'll let it manifest and I'll refer back to it next week.

Saturday. Five of Swords. The fives are problematic in any spread. They bring up uncomfortable realities and challenges. Here there is a sign of conflict, possible argument with the way that these two birds are crossing one another. One has stripes on the wings, the other has polka dots. They think differently, and they do so because they're not the same. One has charms on the tip of the sword that bend it. Perhaps affection leads to the bending of the sword. Either way, these women are not in the position to argue. (Notice they are wearing heels.)

Sunday. Nine of Swords. Being worried with the little critters that chip away at time and thoughts. The theme of distractions and absentmindedness has been a burden for the past couple of weeks. It seems to be prevalent throughout the months. It all started with my wisdom teeth operation in August and has trickled until the present. Worries tend to blow out of proportion if we let them. It's a sign to get off that tangling vine of a tree, to cut away the problems with my tools and to find my way back to clarity. The critters feel so much like distractions eating away my time.

What to avoid. Nine of Cups. Avoid feeling content or like there is nothing else out there for me. I tend to get comfortable in the luxury of the blessings present in my life. I should still challenge myself to do better and work for it. I will have rewards for giving that extra mile, so why not? The woman in this card looks so happy with all her friends and the blessings they bring with them. It is one of the few tarot cards I have seen that makes me smile.

What to strive for. The Chariot. Swift action and change! The seahorses are crossed, which means these two opposing points of view need to be straightened out before we continue on our way. This action requires concentration, but also awareness of where crossed thoughts take us when we're not focused on our way. It's time to take control of the situation, to separate those disparities and force them to work together for the single purpose.

I got a lot out of these cards today and will be using them again next week. They work much better for me than the Rohrig Tarot does. Perhaps the whimsical theme has something to do with it. There is a lot of magic contained in these cards, even if they look childlike. Sometimes they have elements in them that reminds me of the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot by Baba Studio. I will likely blog about it after all the Halloween festivities.

I can't get used to this purple spread cloth. Does anybody else miss the blue one, or is it just me?


  1. I love the whimsy of these cards, and the amazing colours. I haven't ever quite felt comfortable reading with it myself, maybe one day... Good luck this week, plenty going on by the look of things :)

    1. It isn't for everyone but it is certainly worth a shot!

      Thanks for coming back to check me out again!