(01) Death

It took days to reach progress. The silence from this card is thick like a film that blinds.

You are suspended by a thread, the only thing tying you to life. A specter stands before you with an ivory mask that moves. The pieces interweave; they change, mix and match. The same thing happens with the expressions, they change. One thing is clear, though. You are under observation. The watchful eyes pry into your soul. There are no words exchanged, just a long and meaningful silence. You stare at one another and know that out of the two, you are the only one with an expiration date.

(02) Temperance

I sat in my room with two handsome boys who wanted to go out into the world. They must have felt smothered being inside four white walls, but I had taken to it. I had come to enjoy being in my pretty cage. The weather outside was gloomy, it would rain any second. They decided to escape the topmost tower by climbing their way down. The house was white, divided into sections like a cake. It was lined with gold motifs, something out of the Rococó… or a cake. We decided to climb down layer by layer, from the outside of the house. Each room was sectioned off by the lining. The rain tested us and so did gravity. When we made it down, I turned back to see the watchful eyes of my mother. She was contained within one of the rooms and would not go out, but her eyes beckoned me to come back inside for my own good. I told the boys to go ahead, and decided instead to stay inside. It was pouring rain as they went, and I found myself comfortably warm in my house. I was satisfied with having made it to the first layer.

Change of scene.
This looks like a dungeon, not a school. I am amongst the staff of teachers in a very dreary place. It’s almost scary, but no one seems to notice the cave-like underground they are in. Tunneled walkways lead to chambers, presumed classrooms. Everyone is dressed up ridiculously but provocative and playing a role-playing game. I know the rules by heart but cannot recall what they are. Instead, I play and I flirt and I throw caution to the wind.

(03) The Devil
I found myself in a battle for balance, struggling to restore it. I was in pursuit of a man that I did not know, for he would not show his face. He fueled a war of greed covered by funhouses. It was all over the place and overt, but for some reason society perceived it as covert.

After being in pursuit, I finally got close to him in his hotel room. Before I could arrest him, he turned things around on me. I found myself a prisoner instead, and he had his bad band to back him up. It was useless to try to escape yet.

I was held captive with a co-worker. We were both changed into pretty dresses and told of our dark fate. We looked at each other through wide eyes. When they wanted to keep us moving, they came close to us now and then to taunt us. We pushed them and got a head start running. It was a close pursuit, they had a car and we were on foot. The chase was wild, I woke up in a rush of adrenaline.

(04) The Tower
A rickety house stands by itself in a field without vegetation. It has been ripped inside out by bad weather, now all that remains is the skeleton. Still it stands, hollow and weakened by the test of time. There are no animals here to make a sound. This is a barren place with no life.

Change of scene.
I saw his pale face in the darkness looking back at me. Terrible, beautiful and absolutely dangerous… as I have always known him to be. His wickedness shone in his eyes as he gazed back. He did not see me, and no matter how high I screamed, he could not hear me. This time he did not have his black mantle, all I could see was his face. He said nothing to me, spoke nothing about when we were close.

(04) The Star
In line at the Depeche Mode concert — already!? — with a friend from school. We must have been there pretty early because it’s just us, but pretty soon others come filing in for will call. Everyone is riled up; fights eventually begin to break out. We try to avoid the fight to pick up our tickets, sometimes shielding ourselves from people. The sweet one stands next to me, looking at me through pensive eyes. He doesn’t say much, but every time he speaks, I wish he would say less.

The concert is held on an airship with rotary lights and stage. It is jam packed with people. Everything glitters and sparkles. Dave Gahan starts to sing Welcome to my World and the crowd goes crazy. Everyone is singing in unison, the crowd turns into a huge collective soul pulsating with wild life. I wave at him and he waves right back. It’s really crazy!

I am dancing and crying sweet tears of joy when all of the sudden, the sweet one grabs me and kisses me. It is our first kiss, and it happened in a dream. I woke up dazed.

(05) The Moon
In college. I got out of class at 6:30pm. It was twilight; the sun had just come out and the moon was close to the horizon, not yet rising high. The sky was in soft tones of blues and purples.

I pulled out of my backpack a plastic bag with mango ice cream bars in it. When I look closely, there are legs and feelers coming out of a bar. I drop it to the floor in surprise, and two more creatures made manifest. Scorpions or lobsters? Getting a closer look, they are lobsters. I realized it at almost 7pm on the middle of the semester; my worst fear had come true, I was missing a special paleontologist class. I hurried myself over and explained to the teacher why I had not made it all semester. I kept forgetting I had a night class on Thursdays. She was skeptical at first, but after the lobster story she eased up.

When I got out, I saw my neighbor’s dad on campus. He always makes me think of the Lenormand Fox + Seven of Swords. A clever man that can’t be trusted.

It was night time now, as I walked back to my dorm I could see the lobsters our and roaming the campus. They had joined bigger ones. I didn’t find the need to look for protection from their claws.

I ran into a security officer and made inquiry of my neighbor, who is supposed to be a failed lawyer, now law professor. The officer said he had a studio and his artwork was terrible. We laughed.

I went inside my room but came back out to do some investigation. It was now close to midnight and the moon was high in the sky. I basked in its glow, which it borrowed from the sun, and felt comfort in the madness of the lobsters manifesting. Pretty soon, there were crabs too. They all crawled past me in a zombie state, their eyes were glazed over and they were still wet. It was as if something was invisibly summoning them.  My curiosity got the best of me, and I fell into step close enough to a group of lobsters. I decided to follow their trail.

Things are somewhat back to normal in Dreamland. I am back to dreaming regularly. Lately anything I talk about before sleep ends up being the main subject in my dream. It proves particularly true for the Star and Moon readings. I enjoyed them so much, though! They had magic and suspense in them, which are elements that I have found allow me to get more into the dream experience. It's a level just under lucid dreaming, since I am aware it's an alternate reality, but I am still asleep enough not to notice I am dreaming. I felt as if my life was a movie at that point in time!

I've been acting strange lately; keeping to myself and trying not to be too present on social media. I'm sorry if anybody has been looking for me; I'm a hermit crab in a safety bubble! Things are going fine, though. I occupy my spare time with Pokémon games when I am not working. It's nice to pull out the Nintendo DS and spend some time in Unova.

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