There's trouble in Dreamland, or rather, Samhain Moon. I've had this blog present in my thoughts lately, but things have been a little complicated. Thankfully, the Mercury Retrograde is now over and I am hoping that the weird funk I've been drifting in and out of will completely dissipate. I really love this blog and I would hate to have to put it on hiatus just because I've been going through such wild changes. I would like to share that progress with you guys instead, so give me some time to get composed. My editorials will be back soon, and all my posts will once more be published on their designated week days: Hello Witches on Monday, Tarot Diary on Wednesday and editorials on Friday.

(01) The Sun
I found myself at the 8th floor of a hotel event almost as if by accident. It was an event with the kind of music that I like, which is rare, but I didn’t know any of the attendants. It was just me, and I was there to do a dance performances. I got on the stage in front of people doing a gothic belly dance as homage to the sun. It is nothing like the yoga move, but was still echoing the great star in the slow dance. A projection shone on me and turned me all green, working on my heart chakra in the dream. I danced with feeling in front of a lot of people; it was a very enjoyable experience.

Chang of scene.

Somehow I find myself at a multilayer house belonging to my aunt on holiday. I refuse to talk to her and my cousin but make my way inside to find something. Climbing up the layers in box mazes, I am met with energetic dogs — now deceased — and luggage piled one on top of the other in a grand square that towers over me. I forget what I’m doing there in the first place as I pass my cousin’s computer setup with beer bottles everywhere and wise books.

(02) Judgment
I returned to a place I had only been to once before. My principal’s office in high school. It was strange to see myself in full uniform for a year that was just now beginning. They asked me when I would graduate at the main office and I said I had graduated from college three years ago. The secretary marveled and swept a remark I didn’t like at all. I waited and waited, but the principal never made it. Apparently her flight back from Berlin had been delayed.

I sat outside in the setting sun and waited until I was ready to move on, when my parents show up with a boy I used to have a crush on in college and another friend. Justin stood tall and handsome, he had on the same hoodie from when we met; black with grunge lines making up many triangles and abstract forms. His eyes were of a changeable nature; I have never trusted men with hazel eyes. They said we were going out, but right at that moment I saw a girl looking at me that I hadn’t talked to in a long time. She looked lonely, so I went up to keep her company.

I walked her to her house and she gave me a heartfelt hug. I heard crazy loud music coming from her room mate’s floor. My best friend’s room.
That night a wild party took place. One girl went into the bed to surprise her and found two strangers were under the sheets already making love. She screamed and fell out of the bed to find another couple where she had not seen then before. She was looking around for a way out, just when the person she tried to surprise came in with a friend. They all started yelling at each other and I left to go find my parents and Justin.

(03) The World
I found myself lost in an unknown city that I apparently lived in. I was a stranger to myself; had no idea why I had let myself turn into what I had become. There was no familiarity or comfort anywhere, I had finally come to face what I had done.

As I sat in the room, I looked around at the books I had filled with my secrets. Their faces came into view. Volker, the Dark Priest, the Sweet One… their visages all looked back at me through yellow glowing eyes. They made no expressions.

I was faced with the realization that I have to let go if I’m ever going to want to be free.

The room was suddenly crowded with people that are no longer living. They floated by as if they were walking, and I was in the midst of it all with a confused look in my face. None of them gave me advice with my problem; none of them seemed to care that I had a problem. I had reached the end of the line.

(04) Ace of Swords

I find myself at a Pokémon center with J and S. He participated in the tournament and made me proud. They sat him down with about eight others and when he went through his choices, I was surprised at how appropriate his picks were. They were all legendaries and there were only three of them. I was so mad with S I didn’t say a word the whole while, even though she sat next to me the whole time. When the tournament was over, there was no one on sight. J must have taken off to celebrate, but he forgot about the fact there was tension between us. I can’t keep a secret so I finally burst and told her… she started to hit me. She hit me very hard in front of everybody, even security saw it. They did nothing. She took out the business cards I had designed for her and threw them at me, then told me she didn’t need me and left.

When she did, I looked around for J and didn’t find him… until I did and wished I had not. His upper part of the head had been cut off and had been removed. He had no brain, ears or eyes. He jumped like a little kid and talked a lot of nonsense. As he was also blind and couldn’t hear me, he kept talking about what a good mood was in. He made a pun about his condition and suggested I drive instead. I couldn’t hold him still to talk, and I was so mad that I started shaking him and yelling.

His condition wasn’t his fault, they took his brain and other body parts. I woke up struggling and frustrated.

(05) Two of Swords
A war stretched through our neighborhood with two added forests. There was a whole group of us versus ‘them’, whoever they are. The forest at Grandpa’s house was barren, stripped away from its trees. Barely anything was green. The soil was like clay, there were cyclone fences in the perimeter.

The second forest was lush and housed the beings we hunted. They were like werewolves, but their fur was lime green and their eyes were red.

The war stretched on and I recognized my college sweetheart, the Hungarian Hammer. His dreads were back and real long. He looked great. After a brief romance with me, he took a teammate as a lover. She was killed days later and left in the locker cell. We tried to avenge her death by going after her captor, but found ourselves outnumbered by a massive lime green army.

(06) Three of Swords
Upon waking, you find yourself at the foot of a massive pile of boxes. In fact, it looks more like a tower. You are as lifeless as a puppet; you don’t feel like there is life flowing through you. In fact, the only thing that functions in your body lies above the shoulders. You can still think and you can still move your eyes and face. You realize that you are a cyborg, and that you are held captive in what seems to be a warehouse.

You can’t feel relief out of being stripped of your feeling, but your logical body recognizes that you can’t feel anything anymore. If you were able to feel, you would be glad. Your feelings were starting to get heavy and you felt very overwhelmed. Now that you feel nothing, you are free… but you are also lifeless.

Finally there is an energy source put into you. It feels like the component dreams are made of, but then it also feels as if somebody breathes life into you. You now have enough energy to stand and look around. Once the supply is gone, you topple back to the ground like a puppet.

There is no notion of time passing, of twinkling stars outside or the cycle of the sun. There is nothing of interest in this warehouse. Without your emotions, you are as good as any of the boxes around you. You finally feel something, that is, the realization that you are empty.

For you to get back up again, someone will have to breathe life into you. Until then, you’re just going to lie there with the boxes.

(07) Four of Swords
I drove Marvolo to the mall under a pelting shower of rain. The drops were so thick that you could barely make out the cars of the others in the parking lot, much less figure out how much room there is. I found a park spot and waited patiently, but felt that the others maneuvered to take it away. Marvolo stood his ground and nobody budged when the other car came out, so I took it.

The mall was jam packed with drones. People were staggering rather than walking and their eyes were glazed over. I walked slowly so as to blend in, seeking — you guessed it, — J out amongst them. Ten minutes later I realize that the police is following me, so I start to walk a little faster to evade them. They start breaking into a run, and soon after that so do they. All the escalators, twists and turns aren’t enough to deter them, so I opt to go outside and run in the rain instead. Next thing I know, I can’t find my car and I have to go back inside to avoid the rain. That’s when I get caught.

They placed cuffs on me and ushered me to the office tower, all the while I picked at the cuff locks. Along the way, they injected me with something. I thought I would become a drone like the rest, fear struck me hard and made my heart race. Little by little the anxiety went away and I could feel my eyes glazing over. My vision got cloudy and I couldn’t coordinate my thoughts as well. When we got to the tower, somebody I didn’t recognized set me free and created a distraction, so I ran off. My reflexes were not the same, but since they were slow also, it was beneficial that I got a head start.

The last thing I remember is feeling mortified over not finding J. I felt resentment towards the cops for their abuse of power. I finally found Marvolo and drove off.



  1. I really love it here, it such a marvellous blog were you share personal yet universal positivity. I hope all is good over your end and that any chaos transforms into inspirational order. ♥

    1. Hi Naelle,

      That means a lot coming from a creatrix that I admire so much. Thank you for your kind words, they really push me to keep going with Samhain Moon.

      Sending you love!