It’s no secret that I enjoy a very specific niche of nightlife. There are so many musical nuances out there that I am not exactly sure how I should call them anymore, but the names most frequently used for this type of outing are: gothic clubs or parties, fetish balls, etc. I'll stick with industrial party, since that is the first term that I used for it and the one I am most comfortable in keeping

A bit of my Puerto Rican pride is about to come into the light. Back home in Puerto Rico, they know how to party. They do it right! While the Industrial scene was still going, the parties were really great. Many were themed as masquerades or black valentine balls with prizes for the best costume. People went all out! Industrial parties back home meant going all out with make-up and wearing clothes that are not recommended to wear in the Caribbean. Once, my boyfriend J won the contest for the costume he made himself and his girlfriend at the time.

I didn't get to experience very many parties of this kind back home because I moved to Florida right when they were kicking off, but I know that J did. When I returned to Puerto Rico in 2010, I was a regular at The Castle in Ybor City, which was an excellent venue. It was strange to adapt to the local scene of Puerto Rico again, but it was very short-lived anyway. We went to about four parties before they stopped being hosted. The withdrawals from the events were difficult to get over when you wanted to go out dancing but only had the selection of mainstream Techno or Dubstep. It's not the same thing!! Since then, everyone has adapted to it and the truth is that they still talk about how they miss it. Melancholy echoes in their voices when they talk about the nice times they had together.

This flyer is from the second to last party that I was able to attend in Puerto Rico. It was held exactly one night after my birthday under the influence of an ominous full moon. We knew that it was happening, and we focused on enjoying the spooky beats as well as the creative Halloween costumes. They handed out the S.Transmissions mixtape and the best costume award went to Captain Jack Sparrow or Yaya. I'm not quite sure...

As the party raged on, I was fresh off the plane from Japan and feeling quite refreshed. It didn't take very long to realize I was dancing right beside J. An emotive chain of events happened after this encounter. I owe a lot to this party, it was just the right push needed to know that he and I were in fact meant for one another. Magic!


was my second ever lifestyle event in Los Angeles, California.

As soon as you step into the club, reality changes. You find yourself in a void when you’re on the dance floor; the strobe lights make you feel as if you’re dancing in outer space. You are free of judgment and don’t really care if anyone is watching you dance.

A few steps in, you’re waiting for the vocals to start on that song you used to listen to while you were working. You know which one it is, the one that you play when you’re driving in your car and you know all the lyrics to, even though nobody you meet in your daily life knows. You live and breathe it out, weaving your hands through the air and moving in unison with those around you in the dance floor. You join a collective wave of life that pulses through the room, and your consciousness dissolves. You’re having the time of your life and you don’t want the night to end. That’s what I find every time I go to a gothic club.

Nobody messes with you or gets up in your personal space. If they do, you don’t have to worry about them coming around to try a second time. In my experience, they have all understood what it means to manifest that you are not interested. Compliments are freely exchanged without anybody being weirded out.

I like that out here in Los Angeles they tell you exactly what you’re going to get in terms of music genres. Popular genres include but are not limited to Industrial, EBM, Trip Hop, Darkwave, Synthpop, Deampop, and Witch House. There is a salad of genres tossed to make just about anybody who listens to this type of music happy. The assortments go a long way to bring in diverse demographics under the same roof in one event. Really, it makes for a very interesting mix.

They have taken to using event names like Warlock, Mode:M, Perversion, Helter Skelter, Malediction Society, and Blue Monday.

The variety of fashion styles under the same genres is interesting to me. Some people still style their kanekalon dreads in neon colors, others are clad entirely in latex or pvc and prefer their hair styled in victory rolls. I love the fact that nobody looks the same even though the vast majority of those attending the event are wearing black with few color accents.

I have the time of my life whenever I go out goth clubbing. Even if I wake up sore the next day, — and I usually do, — I wake up smiling. The experience is absolutely gratifying, and worth coming out at least twice a month to shake off the stress of the week and get lost in the music that I love.

What do you enjoy the most about a night out? Is it getting ready that excites you, or is it that grand moment that you step onto the dance floor and reality disappears? I'd love to hear what your weekly preparations for a night out include.

Flyers compliments of Hector Tomas.


  1. I really enjoy these posts and seeing your photographs.

    This one makes me reminiscent of my younger days. I remember the weird and wonderful clubs in London in the early 90s; dancing for money and drinks on a stage in a small club off of Regents Street. We would dress up and make our own clothes. There were some weird and wonderful characters in those days. I remember Leigh Bowry (hefty name-drop, haha) chasing me around a club there before he died, lol.

    That getting ready was the fun bit.Attacking the shops in the afternoon before, to find just the right thing. Then taking the tube or getting a lift to where we going. The anticipation, wondering who we might meet and how that might change everything.

    1. Hello dear Prince Le Normand,

      For a moment I could catch a glimpse of your days there, and what you describe feels like magic. It sounds like such an exciting experience to have in London. My boyfriend would surely delight in reading any stories you'd share with him. I would too!

      Getting ready is my favorite part as well; specifically putting the finishing touches on your outfit or make-up and those moments in which you start making your way towards the venue. My heart flutters!

      Thanks for stopping by! ♡♡