Getting around a large city without a car can be troublesome. Sure, there is the Metro and there are bus systems, but it's not the same when you're used to driving or having a friend give you a ride. Once you are used to the freedom of being able to make your own schedule by getting in your car and just going, it's not the same when you have to rely on long waiting periods and a bunch of previous stops. Time is precious, and not everybody can invest in long waiting periods to get where they need to go. I am one of those people, and I am not ashamed to say it.

I found my solution in Lyft, the new service that started up in San Francisco, California; and made its way to Los Angeles, Califonia. I couldn’t be happier with it! My experience has been very positive overall and I wanted to share some details with you. If you need to get around and you don’t have friends that are available all the time, this just may be the best option for you.

On September 19, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) made history with a unanimous, groundbreaking vote to authorize peer-to-peer transportation in the state of California. More than 300 community members showed up to have their voices heard, and together helped ensure an exciting path forward. Lyft is going to stick around for a while longer, which makes many of us on foot so happy! Congratulations Lyft, we're happy for you!

Lyft is a company whose medium is through iOS and Android applications. You drop a pin at your exact location after you figure out your address, then the system calls the available drivers in the area. It rings and tells you how long it’ll take until your driver arrives. You get a photo of the driver as well as a photo of their car. Additionally, you get a time approximation of when they arrive and you can follow their progress through the map. When they arrive, their car is adorned with a pink mustache up front. You can spot them coming as soon as they reach the horizon line. You slide into the car, give them a fist pump and off you go!

My experience has generally been ★★★★★ positive. I get in the car and prompt a fist pump, then the string of questions start. You get to talk as if you’ve been friends all along. Sometimes you actually do make a friend, and have someone to look forward to seeing eventually. I haven’t had any repeats yet, but I have had a variety of personalities facilitating a ride. It has never been awkward; they’re all really very cool. They’re comfortable and they seem really on top of things. The rides are drama-free and really fun. I appreciate the trouble they go through to be good hosts in the personal space of their cars. It really is a small space to be ‘trapped’ in with someone you don’t know, but I have never ever felt trapped. As long as you have good etiquette and you listen to what they say, you can’t go wrong with Lyft. They will do anything; they offer cell phone chargers and water bottles. I have met some really good people here.

I thoroughly recommend Lyft to anybody that needs to get around the city. Mind your etiquette, it is somebody else's car after all!

Photos compliments of Lyft's Facebook page.


  1. That is so cool and nifty!
    I'm starting to feel the need to visit LA someday. :P

    How's the weather?

    1. If you decide to come over, you definitely have a place to stay. :) I'll take you to all the hot spots!

      The weather is great. It's still really hot, but the heat is dry and you get cold in the shade. Come late October it will start cooling down, and by December it will be long jacket weather. It's really excellent for the hair; if there is no wind, there is no fluffy hair!