This is the start of my third week in Los Angeles, California. I'm enjoying the process of getting acquainted with the many different things that the city has to offer. There never seems to be a dull moment with all of the things going on and all the things yet to do! Last weekend I went goth clubbing and remembered what it is about those parties that I enjoy so much. You feel free when you're listening to the type of music that you enjoy and you are surrounded by others that also resonate with it. It's refreshing not to stick out like a sore thumb, to be around people just like you for once. It was beautiful!

This week has two fives, two knights and an ace. I found the contrast between illustration and message to be especially interesting. While there is barely any movement in the cards and the figures seem still, there is a lot of activity suggested in the traditional titles of the cards. I can relate; I don't move around much, but life continues to stir all around. Whether or not you are constantly on the go has little to do with how much you get done. As long as your day is productive, then you will be doing just fine.


Monday. Five of Coins. When it is just you against you, the challenge can be great. Sometimes you don't want to ask for help and you end up turning the cold shoulder on others, just so you can face your battles alone. Sometimes there is no help readily available; but at other times, there definitely is. Figure out the balance between asking for help and knowing when you don't need help.

Tuesday. Knight of Cups. A message of love rings loud and clear. See, this knight ventures out into the world past the gates of his fortress. The fortress can be the confines of the self, keeping the way he feels very much inside and protected. As he ventures outside of his safe zone, he finds that he can express his emotions freely. Be very open to any messages or confessions you get today.

Wednesday. Knight of Wands. Impulses reign supreme today. Be mindful of your actions and who you get tangled up with. When you're just getting out of a difficult time period, you may be itching to try a bit of everything that is available. As long as you don't go overboard with your indulgences, you will be just fine.

Thursday. Five of Wands. What have you stirred up now? There are specters forming from the skeletons in your closet. It's true that you have to face them, but take this as an opportunity to realize that your problems are of your own design. In the same way that you managed to get yourself into them, you will find a way to come back out. Sometimes, the only way out is through. This is true for most problems, especially the ones we don't want to face.

Friday. Ace of Swords. Talk things out; stand your ground if you have to. If the situations that you are facing are not fair, it is more than all right to talk about it. Stand up for yourself when the situation calls for it and don't let anybody tread over you.

Alternatively, this could be a wonderful moment to exchange ideas and be open to dialogue. Things that may have been formerly held back can now come out into the light. Talk about the things you think about and be open to any advice that you may receive.

Saturday. Death. Difficult changes come when you start laying down the facts. Sometimes people can't handle an aggressive display of thoughts, especially if they don't see where it's coming from. Sometimes changes are outside our control, and the smart thing to do instead is to let go and witness the changes little by little.

Sunday. Three of Cups. Rejoice! Come together and enjoy time spent in good company. The worst is past, and much like any other movie, a big celebration comes after the matter. Lay the unnecessary things down to rest and focus instead on the great improvement that comes when you find yourself met with a new beginning. Onward!

What to avoid. Eight of Coins. When you focus on a single activity for too long, you start to neglect the rest of the things out there that you might want to do. Allow yourself to admire the beauty of your craft, but let it go and stand on its own after a while. You have worked so hard to get where you are; your reputation can stand on its own now. Allow yourself to dream up new ven

What to strive for. Ten of Cups. Seek emotional satisfaction and wholesomeness. Look for the things in life that make you happy and protect them. Share your love with others and help them see what it is about this that makes you feel at your best. Accept the support you get from the ones closest to you and regard them as part of your inner circle.

An interesting week with a climatic course of action awaits us. Jump in, it's going to be a fun ride!

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