Hello Witches, I had such a pleasant weekend! It got started off pretty early, with lots of heavy work in the middle and enough time to see friends from college as well as those that I am connecting with now. Last night I went clubbing with my friends Justin, Crystal, Kyle, Fraser and Carlo as well. I feel like my life is split between my life in the West Side and the life from the tropics, but in a way it helps preserve characteristics that are best brought out in those scenarios.

This week we have an assortment of Kings, Queens and Knights. I don’t see any patterns, save for an abundance of Swords and Coins suits. To me this just has more to do with my usual life, the day-to-day I am constantly dealing with.

I found that I like reading this deck intuitively; letting the symbols depicted in the card to interact with the characters to tell me the message. Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in the accepted system of tradition, I know that all readers go through this. Some tarot card decks numb you out when you use them so often that the definitions start manifesting as shortcuts. This can really ruin a reading that is supposed to be intuitive in the first place, so I am happy about that.

Very happy with the Alice Tarot! Please red my review on it here.

Monday. Wheel of Fortune. A week that gets started with a fast paced could be one that begins with disorganization. If there is something I cannot usually tolerate, it is disorganization. I really don’t like it! However, I know this Major Arcana card well enough to acknowledge that when the wheel of change spins, you don’t resist that change for your own good.

Tuesday. Five of Coins. Alice is so lonely, to me it just looks like she needs a friend. Often times that is what I want. I want a friend to have around and talk to. I feel as if it’s very hard to keep a balanced ratio of men and women in my life, simply because of their interests being so different. Sometimes there are large cultural incompatibilities that push us even further apart when I realize that our interests are also not a strong match. I feel lonely!

Wednesday. Knight of Wands. Sweet day to come out! It’s actually going to be colder in the area, and on this day there will not be overcast weather, so it seems like a great day to come out. This is also a great day for creativity and inspiration as well as for sharing the craft you are passionate about with someone you hold dear. Go and seek adventures!

Thursday. Nine of Coins. Alice looks so cozy, blissfully unaware and uncaring about what goes on in the outside. I resonate this image because this is basically my lifelong routine. I wake up and turn work mode on, but I also take numerous breaks during the day to sit on my couch and think. Sometimes I read, sometimes I play video games as well. Sometimes I don’t do anything but stare into space and think. It feels great… to me, it feels like freedom!

Friday. Nine of Swords. Friday seems a little problematic to me, mostly because of anxiety or things just not going according to plan. With the mess in the card, I guess it’s time to give the apartment a good scrub as well! Clear those cobwebs from your surroundings, then from your mind as well.

Saturday. King of Cups. See, he feels so small but he looks up to her. From this gesture I typically assume to be admiration, it looks like they are sharing an excerpt from a book and talking about it. It’s nice to share musings with somebody else in hopes that they will resonate just as you. This creates harmony.

Sunday. Three of Coins. Work work work! Perfect your craft, cook something ad get around to working again. I usually find that Sunday is my most productive day, although nowadays it really doesn’t make much of a difference when I do or do not. It’s a matter of getting things done that weighs more, I think.

What to avoid. Queen of Swords. I have to learn not to be so selective with the people I talk to. Sometimes, when I am not feeling a subject I tend to tune people out and focus on something else. Life is so short that I just don’t want to be bothered anymore, but I guess it doesn’t mean I should alienate others either. It’s a good reminder to be open.

What to strive for. King of Swords. To me, he looks as if he is outside of himself. Anything but in his safe zone. He’s trying to be someone he is not, or someone who can deal with all the rifts life has brought him. To me, it seems to recommend trying new things and not getting stuck to the same old stuff. I feel like it is an encouragement to preserve natural quality of state of mind, but to be open to that which is not usually habitual.

Have a great week!

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