This week starts off with high energy, things in motion and promising projections. As we get to the end of the week, however, things seem to slow down. Particularly after Friday, it feels like the week gives up on us. I love how it gets off to a start of satisfaction and high energy, though, because that’s exactly what I need for my first week back from Puerto Rico to California.

That Judgement card is giving me a little bit of anxiety. Every time something related to death comes up in my weekly spread, I experience a jolt of fear.

Monday. Ten of Cups. Emotional satisfaction. I pay rent today, so it makes me laugh to see all the houses in the card. I feel like it’s my room mate and I celebrating we’ve got another month of adventure and happiness without having to worry about next month’s rent. In a place where rent is so steep, our situation feels like a luxury. I love it! Yay Los Angeles!

Tuesday. Knight of Wands. What a handsome kitty on his horse! He’s showing off for his lady kitty, it seems. I see flowers in bloom, admiration in the lady’s eyes, and courage in those of the Knight of Wands. Passion! Drama! Romance! Sweep me away, I’m ready to experience it.

Wednesday. Ace of Wands. More passion! This is a really beautiful card. I read it as breathing life into something that has been pretty stale and structured. It’s a good day to rearrange our features from bored to happy. Accept the challenges of the day, and enjoy the gift of creativity and passion. Have I told you that I’m drawing again?

Thursday. Judgement. Hahahahaha! Look at those kitties as they are ascended. So funny!

From what I can interpret, you won’t always know what the right combination is before you level up. Sometimes that change comes from a happy mistake. This looks an awful lot like the kitties are going to heaven. Let’s see what this ends up standing for.

Friday. The World. A conclusion, a realization. She looks so lonely in her hall of magical life, but she also looks like she can take care of herself alone. This must be what full independence from friends and family looks like. Wow!

Saturday. Four of Cups. Boredom, thinking about things too much will lead to a lull. Otherwise seems like a very unproductive day. Don’t bank on this being the day your big project gets to the next level, because it’s not going to happen!

Sunday. Queen of Swords. Having the sternness to talk about things as they are, without any sugarcoating or going around it. Sometimes it’s best to take situations on head first, even if it is the less glamorous of your alternatives.

What to avoid. The Star. Don’t rely so much on dreams and inspiration when you have to be in the moment, chances are you will end up disappointed in yourself and in the way the circumstances have played out. From what I see here, there isn’t a need to beautify everything, even though it can be appreciated for that same quality.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Comfort is what you’ll want to strive for. Do away with your problems and remain concerned mostly with what affects you directly. More often than not, you shape your own future. It’s best not to focus on what others have going for themselves, because what matters here is what you build so that you can have for yourself.

Let's hope for a good week. Good luck!

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