How do you define paradise? I have been known to think of it as being surrounded by your loved ones with good food, drinks and music. I love being in good company and feeling the love of people that I admire as well. I like to be treated with respect or being seen as an equal. Connecting with other people is perhaps my biggest pleasure, and more so when it is in a beautiful environment.

Coming here was perhaps the most notable highlight of my trip to Puerto Rico. On Tuesday, September 1st, my Mom and I boarded a cruise ferry to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Even though I was sick, I still managed to have tons of fun with her that night. Dinner was absolutely tasteful, and the show had some very challenging dances. We cracked jokes when some of the patrons would act out of hand. If only you knew… but let’s just leave it at that suspense.

The next day, none of us had slept because we couldn’t get used to the gentle murmur of the engine and the fact that the ship was swaying to the sides. We were still pretty eager to go outside and explore, though. The drive to the resort was a whopping 2 hours with one stop in the middle. After meeting some colorful tourists on the way there, we finally arrived at the Royalton.

They received us with cocktails and the warmest of smiles. We looked around, struck with awe of how beautiful the place was. When you walk to the end of the lobby, you get a bird’s eye view of the pool area and the different areas where all of the rooms are. You can see curtained daybeds in the beach and an abundance of clear designer pools. Gorgeous!

We went to lunch while our room was being readied. The attention was super sweet, and for the first time all day we felt this lull of peace washing over us as we delighted in a bottle of champagne.

I loved being so close to the beach and in a place that felt private and peaceful even though there were so many people around. It was great to be there, in such a beautiful place, with the most important person in my life.

Our stay was absolutely enjoyable, so much in fact that within half an hour of being there, we decided that we were coming back to spend New Years Eve, if possible. We were sold.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip. I’m still day dreaming about it today!

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