My drawers are jam packed.There is NO room left anywhere in the apartment that I can house my decks in. And yet, decks I resonate with come my way and I can’t say no. I’ve gotten a few rare decks this week that were a necessity for my collection, but as a result of that, I have to get creative when I store them now! Shame aside, it’s a really beautiful tarot deck and it feels quite sturdy, so I feel inspired to use it.

This weekend I received the Poisoncage Tarot while I was away. It’s larger than life! It’s even bigger than my first edition Vertigo Tarot… but it’s quite stunning. I will likely be publishing a review with it by the end of the week. Hopefully a video also! It would be great to have a custom pouch or box made for it someday. Luckily, I'm moving into a new apartment soon. It will have more room for my things, so I'll be sure to get a new drawer to store my tarot decks in comfortably.

I’ve had a very eventful past few months. I’ve completely forgotten about my daily card draw journal, but now that I’m back in the flow of things, I may be able to continue.

Monday. Eight of Coins. Work hard. Work very hard. Work your hands off! You have so much to do. The satisfaction lies in knowing your craft, loving it and letting it love you back too. Hard work pays off.

Tuesday. Two of Wands. Take a break, pace yourself and let the answers come to you instead of going in pursuit of change. Sometimes the best changes happen when we’re taking a break from routine and opening our minds up to something else. That might be when we surprise ourselves the most.

Wednesday. Four of Wands. All the hustle and bustle can come to stabilize. You’ll find you’re not as alone as you thought you were, because you’ll have people around that you can count on and that will not have reservations in counting on you. You’re safe, and thinking about the future. That’s important!

Thursday. Six of Coins. Sometimes you need to make an investment in order to find peace of mind or something of equal value. Sacrifices made are not forgotten, they change the lives of those they are made for.

Friday. Five of Cups. Not everything goes your way all the time. That’s something you might just have to be okay with. Count your losses and give yourself time to mourn whatever it is that you’re letting go. A lot of times your environment is what you make of it.

Saturday. Knight of Coins. Find the ground beneath your feet and secure it. Stick to safety, don’t venture out too much. Your investments should go towards what you know will help to sustain you in the future.

Sunday. Seven of Coins. Hard at work, getting creative and dreaming up options. Look for the things that will ease your conscious, as well as things that aren’t entirely attainable now but will be in the future. Plan ahead, or try to.

What to avoid. Seven of Cups. Keep your options open, and continue to look for other options to fulfill your needs. An open mind can lead to new discoveries and possibilities.

What to strive for. Ace of Cups. Seek to give and receive love. Try to let empathy rule your emotions this week. Let yourself be swept by the gentle undercurrents of the subconscious, wherever they may invite you to go.