Let’s talk about an experience that lingers in my mind still today. On March 21st, 2015 I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The event was held at the Masonic Lodge, which is in the actual cemetery and was built in 1927. There are no elevators in the venue, just flights of stairs. The show itself was held under a stained glass window with the all-seeing Masonic Pyramid on it. How cool is that? Upon arrival, I could see the tombstones under the stars and I wanted to go frolic in them. Security was high enough that we couldn’t, but the fact remains that it is a very beautiful place. We got to have a conversation in front of the fireplace in the meeting room. It was a real delight to be standing inside a building with its kind of history, walking through the halls and anticipating a rare event.

In true hipster fashion, we arrived and laid on the floor while letting Tropic of Cancer and Alexander Lewis’ music wash over us. It felt a lot like a sonic energetic cleanse. It was really nice to relax and close your eyes, letting the music carry you elsewhere. When Grouper came on, we found ourselves standing directly in front of the stage. The Grouper set was a mix between elector-acoustic ambient and noise. It felt a lot like sonic experimentation to me.

The real treat of the night, though, was Lustmord. He came in quietly just past midnight, set up his computer on the Masonic altar and the show started promptly. The space we were in started to shake, the sound made the building shake. When I think about frequencies powerful enough to make a building quake, I wonder what those frequencies did to our bodies. We are, after all, sonic frequencies in our most basic state. I closed my eyes and swayed on my legs, transported to a new place within the depths of my soul. For a whole hour I ceased to be myself; I was simply existing in a simple state, and taken through worlds I never knew existed. Once more, this felt a lot like a sonic cleanse of energy. It went right through us, communing with our frequencies. In a sense, I felt rearranged.

Behind Lustmord was a projection of fire, smoke, sigils and Latin texts. At times, we could even see images from the branding of his albums. It was all extremely well done in accompaniment to his haunting sounds. At the end of the show, he credited his sources. [Thumbs up.]

I was wowed by the experience, at times staring up at the stained glass windows or projecting into the sigils. At times, just watching the artist Brian Williams do his thing. Incredible!

The experience itself was very special. Being in a building of such history and use adds another layer to the feeling of listening to dark ambient music in the dark. We were, after all, inside the Masonic Lodge... He was, after all, performing atop their altar. One of the perks of living in such a happening state, and for that privilege I'm very thankful. All those hours of hard work and sacrifice are worth it with experiences that really cater to my interests and intellect.

Here is a video from The Sound of Darkness, sharing with us all a snippet. of the event. Thank you!

After that, we went for a burger and talked about what the experience had done for us. We knew we were changed from it; it was a beautiful night in March. A memory to hold dear forever. What a beautiful night!

Photos are compliments from the Internet. I only took the first one.

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