Hello Witches,
Last week was centered around the diligence of getting a new apartment and organizing my budget to make sure I'll be okay. It was really centered around the suit of Coins, which really impressed me. When it comes to reading with cards, there are no accidents. If there is room for error, perhaps it is in the shuffle — and even then...— or in the way the cards are interpreted. It's so important to ground yourself into the mindset of the reading. The rest is magic!

This week I realized the suit of Diamonds is contracting into itself. We start with the 3, going into the 2 and then back into the Ace. These cards have been shuffled thoroughly already, the deck is not new. Nice!

Monday: Ten of Hearts.
Allegra. Romance, passion and taking risks. Allowing the heart to guide and be the compass of fate. When we let our hearts guide us, we become vulnerable. We’re taking really big risks. It’s okay to be impulsive, but remember to protect yourself.

Tuesday. Seven of Diamonds.
Sword of Truth. Imparting your wisdom on others. Acting with prudence and with common sense or logic. Cutting through lies by not having time for them and always speaking with clarity. When you leave little room for misinterpretation, all parts are agreed.

Wednesday. Queen of Clovers.
Leah. Being imaginative, letting intuition bring forth ideas. Manifesting things into being that you’ve only dreamed of before. Following your intuition wherever it may lead.

Thursday. Three of Diamonds.
The Necklace. Amassing finances, making more money or increasing the tasks completed. A string of events that can bring with it opportunities or obstacles. Expressing yourself creatively through your work.

Friday. Two of Diamonds.
The Rivals. Opposites within the same space, competing for attention or for authority. A dynamic or financial relationship. If you are not careful, those differences can bring friction and arguments to your life, simply because you think and live differently.

Saturday. Ace of Diamonds.
Ignita. Cultivating and nurturing a strong sense of self. Looking out for yourself. Money gained. A gift coming in.

Sunday. King of Spades.
Mardoc. He’s a stubborn, skeptical man that just wants to lie in his quarters. He’s cold and unforgiving, and can even be resentful. Stay away, he looks like trouble.

What to avoid. Queen of Spades.
Morgana. Avoid being your favorite card. [Laugh] Try not to be cold, try not to alienate or isolate yourself. Being independent is a wonderful thing, but it can also leave you feeling like an outcast.

What to Strive for. Six of Diamonds.
The Tower. Look forward to that new apartment!!! [Laugh] Foresight, seeing things and preparing for them. Having the advantage, working your way up to something better. Always have a plan, and a backup plan too.
These playing cards are so stunning.

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