Poisoncage is the world of Rann, a manga artist from France that has killer illustration skills. She’s awesome! I can’t imagine how much effort and energy went into making this tarot deck. Good job, Rann! I reviewed this tarot deck when it first came out as a majors only set. The rest of the cards have been published, and now we can give it a proper review like it deserves. I’m so excited to share it with you!

Now the decks come with really nice outer boxes, separating Major and Minor Arcana cards. I wish I'd have waited until now to get my Major Arcana decks, but no matter. I have first editions. : ) The cards themselves are in the same card stock as before, premium playing card stock.

These cards are LARGER THAN LIFE! Man, they’re huge. I actually don’t mind it because it helps me project into the illustration and interact with the characters present in it. I have also come to find that I draw less cards when I am reading with them, because there is more to pull from them intuitively. In part, it’s also because I have to adjust to the manner in which they read. Each time I draw cards, I draw three and I spend some time looking into them and contemplating their elements and colors.

The cards fan out with ease, although given the scale they may take some more time to shuffle. They are a little crunchy when they shuffle, for those who appreciate how a deck feels in your hands. The borders are large and ornate; the Major Arcana have titles and so do courts. Pip cards only have a roman numeral at the top to identify them, which I appreciate.

The illustrations of the Poisoncage Tarot are stunning. They’re digital illustrations with minute details, and based around a scene that echoes RWS tradition. Character designs are elaborate and varied, but most tend to have sculpted bodies. Costume design is also very nice. I feel as if manga came to life and embodied the archetypes of the tarot to carve a personal story as needed with every shuffle. Rann did an amazing job with all the character depictions; it’s hard not to like your signifier or court card when they’re all visually appealing.

I like the fact this deck caters to fans of Asian culture and animation, but it’s serious and it reads very well. Whoever decides to pick tarot up and treat is as a serious trade can learn to read using this deck. It will speak to novices as well as seasoned readers. I love how versatile that makes it!

At some point I may trim the borders of my working copy, because the cards are so big that I feel as if I’m handling flash cards. I’d like to be ale to work with them more quickly, although I wouldn’t want to cut into a first edition majors set. I think that in time I’ll get a third copy and cut the borders off.

What is your most important characteristic? The The Moon.
I come from the depths of the subconscious, risen to show the beauty of intuition when left to its strengths without harness. Worlds meet when we listen to our intuition and go with those instincts. Let yourself be surprised by what you pick up when you really tune yourself in.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck? Page of Cups.
You have to be able to accept your feelings and honor them. If you make decisions in spite of what your common sense is telling you, then you will need to start listening to your hearts. Let your ego silence itself and tune into what your heart says; you’ll find the messages you get are much more in tune with you and your needs. You can find solace and understanding when you allow yourself to.

What are your limits? Ace of Swords.
A closed mind won’t amount up to much. It’s up to you to be open to channeling the messages that come forth from the universe. They are, after all, for your own benefit. Hey, listen!

What are you here to teach me? Four of Swords.
Sleep on it if it doesn’t immediately come to you. Take a pause, breathe and allow yourself to get grounded before you proceed. Take your time with every element and detail, there is no need to rush when you’re the one dictating time constraints. If you’re in a rush, you’ll likely miss the point of what you’re doing.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Death.
Let go of the notion that things are precious. Everything has an expiration date, and you’re no exception. Treat every instance as if it were to be your last one.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Nine of Coins.
Luxury. You have all you need, yet you keep finding some amazing treasures to add to your collection that will give you insight and clarity. You should be thankful for all that you have.

Which card do you want to show off? Two of Cups.
Mixing the elements, spirit and the living. Relationships with ourselves and those around us. Deep, deep heartfelt bonds. There is great vulnerability present each time we open ourselves up for others and let them see into the shadows of our soul. You’ll be doing lots of that when you work with this deck.

How do you see me? King of Cups.
I chuckled when I pulled this card, because it’s my playing card signifier. I looked up my date of birth, and this is the card that popped out. Sentimental but in control of feelings. Benevolent, willing to put skills at the access of others for their own enrichment. In tune with spirit, perhaps a little easy to influence.

How do you see yourself? The Hierophant.
The male aspect of divinity will follow logic and tradition. This deck ultimately upholds traditional concepts, not changing them but allowing them to channel new concepts. Foundations built on tried and true systems never fail, they stand strong and integral. And that will be passed on as well.

Once more, a very deep interview. Simply a delight to own this deck plus a backup! Get your copies here. I suggest you get them tracked, because one of my decks has gone missing and is yet to arrive. I'll have to re-order it if it ends up never showing up!


  1. You site it truly awesome. I was looking into this set myself an I found your lovely page. They are so beautiful an easier for me I'm only 16 but my mother wants to start teaching me about them an these would be the perfect deck.

    1. The cards are much much larger than normal size cards, but they are beautiful and read very well. If this is the deck you went with, you will enjoy it thoroughly.

  2. These cards are so amazing, I also want them in my collection, do you know where I can buy it.

  3. Love your work. Just saw a video on this Tarot deck. Love it. If I may, why did you name it POISON CAGE?

    Now that I have discovered you and this deck I will look out for your work.