This past year was definitely a surprise to me. I did not expect to find myself in a new relationship. I did not expect to move, nor did I expect some of the wild changes that manifested that I had been warned about. Ever since moving to LA, I've been much more relaxed about planning ahead. Much of what I've been centering my attention around has actually been to enjoy my life. I've let go of that limited mindset that I had back when I lived someplace that was not ideal for me to be in. Now that I am out of that oppressive circumstance, I am actually so happy.

This past year I played it by ear. I didn't pay as much attention to my Annual Review 2014, but it actually foresaw me moving into my new apartment on my own. That was impressive!

With three Knights present in the spread, this sets the tone of the year to be a faster one in general. Things seem to be speeding up considerably, and I can attest to that. I also see two Threes, side by side. Working on the balance between personal life and work.

October. Judgment.
I’ve been heavily resonating with this card lately. I see it as a big call to action and an irreversible change manifesting. Some changes can be so extreme that they shake us to our core.

This is good! We don’t want to remain in the ams place forever. Sometimes all we need is a radical change to get us back in motion again. Bring that change!

November. Ten of Cups.
Emotional solace and accompaniment from those we love most. Embrace your blessings and be glad for what you have, because it is the best that there is for you. This card fills me up with gratitude for all the love I ever receive. It means so much to me when people show their caring nature and they give me affection. This month I’m also looking to give some back!

I’m seeing my Mom in November! We’re taking a trip back to Tokyo together, and I couldn’t be more excited!

December. Two of Cups.
Romantic. Two souls coming together, seeing one another reflected in the other. Bonding sometimes escapes human senses of perception and enlists those that we have but may not be fully aware about. It’s wonderful to have somebody to share the deepest aspects of your soul with, that understands you and loves you no matter what the two of you go through. True love!

January. Hanged Man.
After so much excitement, the start of year feels like a lull. I interpret this as trying to hang onto the past that is no longer there, only to feel it a little longer. We can’t always deny the future that is promised to us for our own personal needs. There are bigger things in the picture than we can see that are not always up to our control, but the best we can do is to trust.

February. Knight of Coins.
Settle down into this new year and new life gracefully. Seek out things for your space that make you feel cozy and at home. Look for the little details that brighten up your life and give you a sense of safety. Embrace all that you have, say thanks and carry on with all your plans.

March. Four of Wands.
This month is echoing the sentiment of the previous one, with making things feel more at home. Look to clean up and purify your space. Decorate it in a way that feels lavish and will make you want to have people over to accompany you.

April. The Chariot.
Taking a trip to another land can break away the sameness from being nesting for two months. Seek out the answers you wish to find and your own independence by moving forward at increasing speeds. Keep all your elements in harmony and under control, and you will find you’re not missing anything as you go.

May. Seven of Coins.
Are you going? Are you staying? You have options to consider. Take your time in pondering everything that is just out of your reach but will one day manifest itself as a need for you to take action. When you see things coming, you are much more prepared to tackle them.

June. Three of Cups.
Rejoice! Things are coming together. Embrace the friends that support you in your journey and look to enjoy special moments with them. Seek to make your life pleasant and simple, and delegate those things that no longer make you happy. You don’t need them.

July. Three of Coins.
After the celebration comes the time to get back to work. Bring out the materials that have been in slumber for way too long and seek out ways to make your process less tedious. The goal is to knock a few things off your to-do list. Work, dammit!

August. Page of Wands.
Enthusiasm, passion and creativity unlocked from the depths of within. Look for the things that keep you inspired and that spark your enthusiasm for life. If you’ve had too much of the same lately, break away from the routine and try something new. Chances are that was all that you needed!

September. Knight of Cups.
An intense proposal comes your way, knocking you out of the water with surprise. Embrace the love you are given and give it back with the same amounts of intensity. Learn to show through actions and through how you live your life just how much you are capable of sharing your love.

Clarifier. The Devil.
Oh my! This card is giving the year a naughty spin with so much romance being present. To me this is also a sign I will be working on limitations from the past that haven’t allowed me to move forward in whatever area of my life they are present. It’s a sure sign to break the chains and fight for my freedom from oppression. I’m not a big fan of being stuck for long.

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