Everything about this deck is absolutely stunning. I love the matte card stock, how thin it is and also how easy to shuffle and fan out. I have zero problems fanning Lo Scarabeo card stock out in uniform.

I’ve seen many incarnations from this deck before. My favorite was the one published by Il Menenghello as the Soprafino deck, but when I found this print run, that all changed. I loved everything from the colors, to the card stock, to the lovely card backs that it has. I could spend time just shuffling the deck and enjoying the crunchy feeling of the card stock. No reading required!

Since it is an non-scenic Minor Arcana deck, I am looking forward to testing my intuition in how long it takes me to adapt to a new system of tradition. It can of course be tied back to Rider-Waite Smith tradition, but I am of the belief that each deck had something to share on its own. We don’t need to limit it simply to the system we read with because that’s what we’re comfortable with. That’s the point of having variety!

Listen to the story as it comes. There is no need to box a tarot tradition into another just for the sake of comfort. Who doesn’t like an enriching challenge?

At some point the backs were green and white. Then the ones from the right were published, and finally the one on the left is the one you would be getting now if you were to purchase this deck.

This is definitely a deck I would like to spend more time with, and would love to end up using on client readings in the future. I’ve even got a pouch set aside to use it with.

The colors in this deck are supposed to be somewhat muted, but I find them extremely appealing with the weathered look that accompanies. The woodcut illustration style is also a major plus about it. To be honest, I can’t find anything about this deck that I don’t like… and that’s why I love it so much!

There is something really special about this deck, and I attribute some of its worth to the history there is to it. I also really resonate with the engraving illustrations. For me, these cards look like a tarot deck should. I especially love these new rainbow colored backs. They pull it all together for me.

What is your most important characteristic?
Ten of Wands.
I’ve piled on the years, each one outweighing the other and forming what has come to be the foundation for all that is out there now. Big things are built with patience, inspired upon the civilizations that built our race to be what it is now. I offer a standing legacy of hundreds of years.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Four of Wands.
I’ve got a steady, unshakable foundation that is locked in and ready for whatever shock comes its way. There is no shaking something that was built to last, as you will soon come to learn.

What are your limits?
Seven of Swords.
There are some things you can’t escape, and that’s reality. Try not to close yourself off to what is actually out there and surrounding you in circumstance. Outside influence can have as much to do with what you are dealing with as things on the inside. Be aware, and come to face what you need to.

What are you here to teach me?
King of Swords.
Strength comes from steeling the mind. When you face things head on but remain in silence, you allow enough space for intentions to manifest themselves and make themselves present to you. Be ready to take it head on and strong, and also remember not to show any signs of intimidation. You are here to handle what you are given, not to shy away from it.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Two of Cups.
You need to accept the bond that is offered. Take in the harmonizing feelings of promise and connection. There is divine sacredness in two things coming together to form one. Take your work tools and love them to the point they become part of you. You will be inseparable!

Good advice.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Four of Coins.
Using this deck, you will establish a safe foundation. It will be like coming home after a long day of work to discover you left it in the perfect shape for you to feel most comfortable and cozy. There is no need for further adornment, you can expect things to remain in order.

Which card do you want to show off?
Queen of Cups.
Although I have been very strong in my answers, I present nothing but compassion and understanding of the deepest mysteries of life. It’s important to understand why we attach to certain sentiments in order to prevent harmful cycles from turning into a continuous problem. It’s good to cut problems from the start so that they don’t give you grief.

How do you see me?
You call people back into a conscious state, so that they make take control in their lives. Take pride in being a source of inspiration and a messenger of light. It’s important to accept when your life purpose is to lead people out of the trenches and into the expression of the best forms they can be.

How do you see yourself?
The High Priestess.
The quiet companion, the one who sees. I have the advantage of being an exponent of history without directly being tied to a particular time. Since I am relevant still today, I am a time traveller bringing olden concepts in to serve you in your current life. Regardless of how I look, I am relevant and I am powerful.

This deck has such a regal personality to it. I rather love it! I hope to be able to consult it for deep and insightful readings!


  1. I love your interpretations, and as someone starting out, I find them to be rather inspirational. I just ordered this deck today and can't wait to begin forming my bond with the richness and decadence, that is the "Ancient Italian Tarot."

    1. It's a gorgeous deck! You will love it and reading with it! The card stock is nice.