I never though I’d see the day I shared the story of my very first deck meant to be used for divination. It has weaved in and out of my life ever since I got it.

I was eleven to twelve years old. It all started one day when I got to my art classroom and found my desk buddy Claudia already there. She had the most amazing day planners and handwriting. Claudia inspired me endlessly, even though she doesn’t know the impact her influence had in my life. When I put my bag down, I noticed plaid backs on cards. I knew what they were automatically, even though I had never seen them in person before. They were the standard Rider-Waite Smith pack. Instead of asking her for a reading, I asked her if I could look through them and she obliged. I had never felt that way before. Later that day, it so happened my Mom was picking me up from school. I asked her if we could go pick up a set of tarot cards and she said yes.

When Dad got home, I was already dressed. We were going out to dinner, but were going to stop by Borders before then. I raced over to the metaphysics aisle and ogled at their selection. After going through their sample cards, I didn’t find anything I clicked with. Thoth, Rider-Waite Smith, Marseille… they were all there! This was not at a time Doreen Virtue was as popular as she is now. A pre-Doreen Virtue selection looked nothing like it does now! I looked though the Gothic Tarot of Vampires, the Faeries’ Oracle, the Rider-Waite Smith, and the Vampire Tarot. I ended up getting the Faeries’ Oracle by recommendation of the lady working at Borders. At dinner, I couldn’t contain my excitement to go home and tear through the shrink-wrap. That was the first time in my life I ever felt the electric excitement of holding a new deck for the first time. It changed my life forever!

I must have spent all night looking through the cards and reading through the excellent guidebook. I remember thinking that they went a bit overboard with the drama and the magic, but I went along with it and enjoyed finding magic. I even started my very first card journal!

It is around this time I first made an account at Aeclectic, but it was deleted through inactivity. This is where my journey started. I took the deck with me everywhere I went.

I remember steadily working my way through this book. Nothing read intuitively for me. I’d lay the cards out, stare into them and blank out. That’s how dependence over the companion book started. The titles and the illustrations seemed unrelated to me. The illustrations were trying to tell me something else. I couldn’t begin to imagine where these titles came from. They felt forced on. They still are. Some of them are hard for me to read.

Still, I insisted. I tried giving schoolgirls readings, and noticed it brought people together. I spent afternoon after class with groups of girls gathered around me, giggling endlessly. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I kept going with it and I learned to read traditional tarot with Voyager Tarot and Vertigo Tarot.

Today, I took out the deck that started it all. It is more robust than its sequel, and I’m giving it a chance to tell me all that all that it couldn’t say when we first started on our journey. I am pulling off the veil, greeting my oldest friend and looking at it through fresh eyes.

The card stock is highly durable. I slid this deck through school hallways and countless cities across the world. It has seen its fair share of use, and yet the card edges are still sharp and like new. The book barely shows wear. The box paper has yellowed on the inside. Durable a good 10+ years later! The one photographed is actually a second copy. My original copy is back home. I felt the need to use with it and connect to it, so I ordered a used one online.

I want to believe that someday I will be able to read with the deck effortlessly. That I will be able to frolic among the happy faeries and mourn with those in need of a hug. It’s a good exercise to follow, should you yearn to belong to another world. As I often do...

I want to dance among the faeries, to sing with them.

♡ What is your most important characteristic?
47. The Oak Men.
Old wisdom does not nee does not need to make itself flashy to appeal to anybody. It is as it is, and there is no changing that. Make friends with the olden ones if you like, but if you don’t we are around and constantly engaging your world anyway.

♡ What are your strengths as an oracle deck?
46. The Friends.
I give you a little push when you need it, or light the way when you lose your path. Sometimes you just want support, regardless of where it comes from. I am here to offer that support and to encourage you to try for new heights. Keep on going!

♡ What are your limits?
52. The Rarr.
This card always stumps me, from the very first time I got it.
Are you hopping around from card to card, situation to situation, problem to problem? Slow down. Things will get better! Just take a moment to step back and harness the potential of your opportunities.

♡ What are you here to teach me?
42. Myk the Myomancer.
Patience takes time. Just about anything you wish to learn or achieve takes time. You will have to get used to slow paces, and working things the way they did ages ago: with effort and in time. You can’t rush through life and hope to gain the same amount of experience.

♡ How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
59. The Bodacious Bodach.
Learn to be comfortable with yourself and your abilities. Close yourself off to doubt and prepare to take leaps towards what you want to do. The answers you get aren’t always those that you want, but often times they are the ones you need to hear.

♡ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
01. Unity.
All will come together for you, naturally and in its own course. You don’t need to force anything because you are already tapped into a divine source. Enjoy the polarities and how they come together to compliment one another. Embrace yourself in all of your layers, and more of the same will come to you.

♡ Which card do you want to show off?
28. Penelope Dreamweaver
I am the bringer of light, the one that harnesses the power of the other world as it comes to interact with yours. I am a tool for the deepest intuition, to help you see parts of yourself that are dormant and also wish to shine. Listen, listen to your intuition and find magic therein!

♡ How do you see me?
12. The Singer of the Chalice.
I see you as an agent of love and compassion, projecting out that love even when it is not reciprocal. You do not need to be stingy with the care that you offer; manifest it forward and let it expand on its own. You will be glad that you did.

♡ How do you see yourself?
09. The Singer of Initiation.
I am the bringer of ideas. I will channel new concepts through divine sources to pass onto you, my student. Learn with an open heart, an open mind and an open soul. All those messages that you seek will come to you and flow through your voice, as if in song. Sing.

A lovely interview. A pretty powerful one, too!

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