This past week went as foreseen, and better. It revolved around a new-found love for my career and a very productive schedule. The increasing motivation tasted sweet as the week went by, I was very pleased with the results.

This week projects an extra layer added to my emotions as I face conflicting thoughts. I can see where it is going clearly, thanks to the identification of suits by color. This week projects two Major aspects of my life in emotions and in the mind. The two Majors present are Judgment and The Star. With Judgment I get the looming sense that I may have some difficult changes to get used or adjusted to. It could come in the form of decision or a consequence of something else. Judgment also feels as a realization that some things are not so pleasant, and will instead require work to rectify. With the Star present, I get a sense of hope needed to get mt through the week. In the darkness, twinkling stars can tell sailors of their way back home. They offer solace to lovers and dark romantics seeking answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems. It could very well be an answer to a question.

Monday. Two of Hearts. This card signifies a union in emotions, a balance of the male and the female in alchemy. I see this particular card as two people opening up to each other and having a heart to heart. The converging of ideas solidifies their plans and their expectations in their partnership.

Tuesday. Judgment. A call for change or awakening. This could be to leave the mundane things that don't matter and to focus on the priorities of the mind and of the spirit. I have been ignoring my higher calling for the sake of finding some other stability, and in the process I tend to feel saturated when this happens. Sometimes these abrupt changes are paintful but necessary.

Wednesday. Five of Hearts. This card could mean making sense of losses, or trying to. Sometimes when we have a spill of emotions or illusions, we focus on what we now lack rather than on what we can salvage. In the feelings of loneliness we can sometimes turn to our darker selves and wallow in our own pity without letting ourselves out of the rut. It feels like a tough day ahead.

What to strive for. The Star. Look for peace and tranquility. When there is too much noise going on, cut it out and seek a higher ground. Reconnect with your emotions and understand them as they flow. It feels like a control over the tumultuous waste of emotions and words.

What to avoid. Eight of Swords. Avoid thinking you're stuck. when we find ourselves in compromising throughts or positions, we don't see the possibilities or the way forward. In concentrating on what we lack, we dig a rut for ourselves to hide in from the rest of the world. We're not en route to our goals until we start moving.

Thursday. Prince of Swords. Thursday will be the day to rebel against the spell of the dark emotions and to charge into the depths of the mind. In seeking answers too quickly, sometimes we miss out the details. This card could also mean impulsive argument or defense from an attack that is made. It was present last week.

Friday. Nine of Swords. Friday is a day to openly face nightmares. It isn't easy to face things you fear, but sometimes you come out stronger after facing a difficult situation. It is definitely not comfortable to do so, though.

Saturday. Four of Hearts. This card showed up last week as well. Last time I took it was a sign of emotional stagnation or boredom. It tends to happen when you reach a point in which you can't foresee or feel growth is possible. It is the feeling of floating and not really having anything to fall back on but reality. It can also be seen as the card of day dreaming and of finding possibilities away from the problems that remain in the atmosphere.

Sunday. Ace of Hearts. New emotions arise. This looks like a wonderful new start, a time to get away from anything that may be bugging me over the week. The Ace is new energy in the field of the emotions and even intuition. I love without condition, but sometimes I keep that love close to the people that are even closer.

I wanted to know more about my reading so I pulled a final set of cards. They are both romantic suggestions of messages of love. I feel as if the message for the week is to accept my blessings and to relish the amount of love that I am given, rather than focus on the love that I wish I was given. I really enjoy feeling appreciated and comfortable with the people I care for. When I feel rejected, I go into a sense of loss of direction. I seek the reasons and possible amendments, forgetting that I deserve to love myself first and foremost. I can't ask others to love me or expect them to, but I can expect a healthy dose of self-love to help me find my way.

Extra. Nine of Hearts. Enjoying emotional stability and everything it has to offer. All the hearts are pointing at her, but she's looking at the knight in the next page.

Extra. Prince of Hearts. The dreamy knight delivers messages of love. He offers a world of illusions and promises of coming back to stay. I feel like he's saying, "come with me to Wonderland!" Perhaps I should get lost with my boyfriend for a few days...

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