I have not read with the Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner before, but on first glance this looks to be as a tarot reading about love. The emotions of the hearts are settled by the coins, which could mean either a love for work or working at love. Either way, it looks like a very good week is coming up!

This is a big leave from the gloomy spreads that I had pulled with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. I had not realized before how much the color can shift the tone. Also, the artists have different outlooks on life, and it shows in the portrayal of their characters. It could be a little misleading, because pretty pictures can also tell of misfortune.

Monday. Ten of Hearts. This card looks like emotional satisfaction. The work to get up until this point may have been draining or even though it is also a reason for celebration. It could also mean family activity or renewal. The family in this photo looks happy, they look as if they're celebrating. It looks like a feel good day, framed in polka dots and other motifs reminiscent of scrapbook paper. Maybe it will be a good day to take pictures.

Tuesday. Princess of Hearts. A message of love, or of emotional purpose. The Princess is floating in a world of water and emotions, and she cares a lot about what she is reading. In her hands is a letter that she got from far away or from someone that she cares about as well, and could be a lead on where she is going next. It could be an invitation.

Wednesday. King of Hearts. On Wednesday there's a big appearance.The one that send the invitation shows up gallantly, poised for the conversation they are about to have. It could mean that the letter had forewarnings news of a big event the following day, but it definitely looks like something that lightens the senses.

Thursday. Ace of Pentacles. A good day for business meetings, projects and initiatives. Often I see this card as a chance for something or a lucky event. The energy here is making the coin, and since in is in the process of being created, it is not yet materialized. There could be many things that happen that delay it from reaching its full potential, but up until now it looks like it is well on its way.

Friday. The Empress. This card is always very lush, showing in it the wealth that comes with care and attention. The luxury of the landscape before the maternal Empress stretches out for miles, and she sits on her lavish throne looking out at it. The Empress is a motherly figure, one that will turn way wrath with caring and that will set straight any quarrels in her family.

Saturday. Four of Hearts. Notice how this woman kneels over a pilar that she has created for herself. It is the foundation of her emotions as they have grown up until that point. Energy in the form of hearts leaves her hands, and they float off until the energy wanes. This card shows emotional stagnation. It is easy to get bored with too much of a good thing, so it is best not to overload oneself with it.

Sunday. Prince of Swords. What a lovely court name for a Knight! Sunday is a fast-paced day with the Knight of Swords. It can be an exchange of sharp words regarding the past week or the charge towards a goal that has been in mind for a while. The shadow side to this shiny Knight is that he is impulsive,  he will charge straight into battle without first pausing to consider whether he can make it out okay or not.

What to avoid. Seven of Pentacles. The coins have stacked and now they actually overpower the worker that looks up at them. He can see the long, hard task ahead of him and as he rubs his shoulder. His stance indicates that he is getting ready to tackle a big task that is actually of a height larger than his. Avoid letting things pile up and going over your head.

What to strive for. The World. The world can be known to be a positive card as well, and as a Major Arcana it holds the most weight in the reading. The world is a card of travel and success. It is hard-earned prize for efforts, and news that bring with them great joy. It can be the feeling that one is in the final run towards a goal, or achieving a goal they have waited and worked towards for a long time.

The air of victory that influences this spread is contagious. It feels like a really big go for it from the universe. The cards are static but the elements within them have a lot of movement suggested in them as well as energy. I really like the dreamy feel of the cards because they stimulate my intuition.

I particularly noticed the romantic air of the first three cards. All of the Hearts (Cups) suit. The washes of pink and hearts are like the sweetest perfume, intoxicating and lavishly surrounding those that have caught the love bug. A very interesting deviation from the traditional suits of the tarot.

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