To mend my inactivity in the analog world of diarykeeping, J has gifted me with a sketchbook journal that he custom decorated for me. He designed a herald shield for our union as a house, and in it he placed a fictional story about a monarch couple living in a magical kingdom. As King and Queen of Samhain, we immerse ourselves in a world of magic and whimsy. It is the manifestation of our farfetched dreams. In this book I will write about Lenormand and tarot study, card spreads, rules for patience games, and keep a general record of my life as a modern witch. I would like for the book to include sketches as well. It would be nice to decorate these pages with more than just instructional writing.

A grimoire is a collection of spells and guidelines that serve as a mutable textbook for aspiring witches and metaphysics. Although I have read about the process of keeping a grimoire, I have never started one myself. I do, however, check up on the online musings and records of various grimoires online. It will be interesting to share analog pages through this blog if I work with certain regularity. Perhaps the first few pages will do for now. If any of my readers has a grimoire that they would like to share with me, please comment below. I would love to see how others have organized their work in the spiritual world as well.



  1. I do in fact have been over the last 3 years been making a Grimoire. I plan to give it to my future children as part of a heritage.

    In that book I keep track of all my magic research. It's hard to keep an exact order if you can't reorganize the pages. But mostly in the front page I have a magical design with the Wiccan rede and the Rule of Three, followed by a blessing for the Grimoire, a blessing to the Gods, the elements and a blessing to my home.

    I also have guides of making your own wand, meditation, visualization, circle casting and even recipes for cooking that involves magical attributes. Another thing I write are the days for certain magic spells, moon cycles, colors (candles or clothing), information about Wiccan festivals (sabats and esbats), information about Goddesses and Gods (name, origin).

    I also found how to make beautiful "witch's gardens" that help and affect our life in a positive way along with helping the enviroment and harmony of our kind spirits.

    Anything that's magical and personal to you can contribute to the making of a Grimoire. It's like your own magical journal. :) Always remember to bless and protect your Grimoire, in case it gets lost, it won't fall into the wrong hands. ;)

    I hope this might help somehow. Hug J. for me and I'm happy to see that you are both doing good.

    )O( Blessed be always Monica!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, my breath is taken away by these pictures. :) Really looking forward to you sharing your progress with this project.

    1. Hey Sinea,

      I hope this message finds you well!

      Thank you so much! I will make sure to post the progress in sets.