I have been postponing the day that I would finally try this spread. It is a projection of the upcoming week that provides highlights and a little bit of advice. I would like to use this as an opportunity to study other tarot decks from my collection that I am not as familiar with.


Monday. King of Swords. This King is a quiet one. He’s far removed from everything that is going on and he protects his ideals within his helmet. Don’t be fooled by his armor, he’s still got his crown on and his identity goes without question. He stands ready for whatever comes next with a sharp mind, the problem is that any bystander couldn’t tell what he’s really thinking behind all that armor. Court cards usually represent people, so it could be somebody with those characteristics.

Tuesday. 7 of Wands. A battle that you know you can win is presented. Nothing is easy to accomplish nowadays, and this card signifies that. Every task has complications that need to be battled out before the product can be reaped. The fawn in the picture looks to be hiding, but he’s really on top of things. The people he’s fighting with are out of sight and reach; it makes me feel like the problem doesn’t have a face. It could be a busy work day, but luckily it’s not blown out of proportion.

Wednesday. 6 of Wands. Victory! All the hassle from the day previous is worth it, because the knight is stable and celebrating. When I look at the Bohemian Gothic Tarot Six of Wands, I feel as if the Knight is leaving the gates rather than entering. He worked what he needed to work and he’s en route for a well-deserved vacation in the country. It may be a good day to celebrate or take a break! It could also be the realization of a goal.

Thursday. 5 of Wands. Thursday looks to be a busy day with all the problems springing up again. They look to be more difficult than before, and the figure in the card doesn’t seem the be wearing any armor. In regards to the spread I feel that some time off the day before may turn out not to be such a good idea after all.

Friday. 6 of Cups. Friday looks like a good day to get back in touch with somebody I haven’t heard from in a long time. It could be a dominant mood throughout the day of missing memories and wishing to re-live them. It would be a good idea to go back to simple indulgences from the past and enjoy them with someone else. [Edit: I heard from one of my cousins that I hadn't talked to in a long time regarding family matters. It had the same bittersweet feeling as the cards usually do, and projects for a grave weekend as the reading started.]

Saturday. 5 of Cups. Saturday looks like a true blue day, still wallowing in the memories and the desire to go someplace. In the card, the light shines upon her face but she is too distracted with her feelings to admire the decadent beauty of the place she is in. She recognizes her higher calling, yet feels incapable of doing anything about it for now.

Sunday. 4 of Cups. The day of rest, the day to hide from the world and responsibilities and just breathe. As she lays in a coffin to go to sleep, I feel she’s ready to undertake another journey. Indicates a short stay in the hospital or perhaps a strong dream. Whatever the case is, she looks very tired and she needs to rest!

What to avoid. 3 of Cups. Try to keep away from social gatherings and other distractions. The girls are enjoying their leisure time near a waterfall, basking in the radiance of nature. The little girl carrying a cup suggests they’re talking about relationships or matters of the heart.

What to strive for. 4 of Wands. Building the foundation for the future. Stay focused on goals and try not to do it alone. This will be a good motivational card during the week: the reminder that as monotonous as things get, it will serve its purpose. It’s the foundation with which I will be able to carry out my plans and live out my dreams. I find the man in the building very curious. He’s too far away to hear them, but he has his eyes on the women at work. If his face didn’t shine so brightly in the moonlight, I may even have overlooked him!

Two fours, two sixes and two fives. Things remain in balance for the most part, but they could stand to be a little different. It seems very monotonous, with the same ups-and-downs that a week should have. I don’t feel that there will be any riveting events during the week, but I could be wrong. This projection states that things will go routinely, and that any deviation from that path will be in search of surprises to break that monotony. I feel that this week will be packed with things to do and not much time to spare.

The cloth I am using for my spreads is actually a scarf I bought at Forever 21. It goes perfect with light cards over it, but I like the romantic gypsy mood that it gives my tarot readings. Now that I have started using Instagram, I feel that I will be able to work with photo integration more often! I like the idea of offering sneak peaks to what I’m up to!

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot was designed by Alex and Karen from the Magic-Realist Press, also known as Baba Studio. They are based in Prague.

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