This post is one that I have been looking forward to writing. The Steampunk Tarot, a magical concoction envisioned by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell has quickly ascended to my #02 favorite tarot deck to read with. I love the sounds that come to my mind as I look through the cards, and the mood that is prevalent throughout the series. Although the theme of this deck is based off an alternate reality to ours, I found that this tarot deck translates very well into our current society. When you turn all the cards over to shuffle, you are met with a lovely back showing the 4 elements of the suits embedded in the vowels of a machine. They are the gears keeping everything going.

The first thing I did when I pulled them out of the box was read with them, which is rare for me to do. I looked through the full deck three times, pausing to admire the cards that stood out to me the most. Usually I place the cards under a stack of books to flatten them out properly. It is the Samhain Moon way of breaking into a deck. After the cards are perfectly flat, I look through them a few times and charge them with the energy in my room. The process is known to take a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks.

When I was done looking them through, I shuffled for a few minutes and interviewed the cards. I was particularly surprised at how clearly the cards speak to me and others. The very first time I read with them, I tried a demo reading with my Mom. She picked out a few of the cards and started telling me what they meant to her, and how she related her impressions with my own from the reading. It was a perfect moment of synchronization and atonement. The cards have very direct messages and confirmations. The dialogue is different from what I am used to seeing in my other cards, because they feature people in almost all of the cards. I am used to pulling together elements without faces into stories, and the Steampunk Tarot instead features people that are giving me responses to my questions. I watch for the interaction amongst themselves, and the interaction that they have with me as a part of the reading. The cards like to talk!

My favorite music to listen to while I play with these cards is Abney Park, a musical delight from Seattle. They are the self-proclaimed quintessential Steampunk band, and I'm not one to argue with that! Abney Park's music breathes life into the cards, immersing me in the romantic Victorian world of spinning gears, airships and steam.

I wish that this deck came with an alternate set of court cards to mix and match. I don't feel that the Kings and Queens have the authority and the physical qualities of the suit, particularly the King and Queen of Pentacles. I envision these monarchs surrounded by lavish artifacts from the Victorian era. I even hoped their garments would be extravagant, but they seem very simple. Many members of the Aeclectic Tarot forums have disagreed with my qualms, but it's an idea I stand by. The deck is executed so successfully, though, that I will continue to read with this deck. I may also go as far as to manually apply gold leaf to the edges of the cards. I love gilt cards, and this deck would look stunning with gold edges!

I recommend this tarot deck for everyone, novices and experts alike. This is the type of deck that will always have something to say about any aspect of your life, and that will surprise you with its cheeky observations. The Steampunk Tarot speaks in a tone of casual conversation, it doesn't whisper or yell. The style follows the Rider-Waite Smith school of learning, but deviates enough to provide additional insight and clarity. It's all in the cards, you just need to look.

What is your most important characteristic?
The Hierophant. The wise teacher. He will sit down patiently to narrate for me and others, possibly my clients. He has an understanding of many subjects, not just a select few. It's apparent by the books stacked on the table. I can almost hear him telling his pupils that they need to look within for the answers, and that they come from within. He teaches how to have a more harmonious life.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Lovers. "I could not have made a better choice," reads the pull quote at the top of the page in the Steampunk Tarot Manual. I take this as a sign to be excited about, because it means that the relationship will be harmonious. It'll hold my hands through the hard times and celebrate with me when I've got events to talk about. The connection covers all aspects of life, from the physical to the divine. There are many layers that will be pulled back to show me the comparisons and contrasts of events as they relate to my life.

What are your limits?
The Devil. The people in the card are strings, and the pull quote reads "It's bloody hard work keeping this going." This card feels like a reminder that advice can only take you so far. It's great to seek insight, but you also need to live your life according to your own beliefs. Take the advice as a grain of salt, but otherwise continue on as you would. The truth in this impression is that when we listen to advice and we forget our own standing in the situation, we are depending on others to make important decisions for us. In seeking too much guidance, we might end up like the puppets that the metallic monster is toiling with.

What are you here to teach me?
Ace of Wands. This card says, "go for it!" If the Steampunk Tarot is taking the role of motivational speaker, it is urging me to reach for my goals. It is the same mix of self-empowerment with victory that I try to inject into my clients.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The World. Have adventures, see the world, solve problems, and change. The world is the card of an open mind and what can happen when you're in control of all the elements present in your life. It is a good affirmation of travel and of accomplishment.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Seven of Wands. This deck offers to provide higher ground for me to stand above my problems. It will be a good companion when I feel that I'm stuck in a rut, because it'll help me find the solutions that I turn blind eyes to.

Which card do you want to show off?
Six of Wands. Victory through teamwork, and still managing to seem humble after it. One aspect of this card that I really like is the suggestion that it takes more than one person or influence to accomplish something great. It really makes me think about the importance of teamwork, of acceptance, and of that feeling of accomplishment.

How do you see me?
Three of Cups. Joined together for dialogue. This makes me feel that it's an amicable therapy for myself any anyone else that is willing to listen to the messages. The fact that there is someone else in the picture makes me feel like it includes my clients. The collective quality of the cards is a sign that this deck not only wants to read for me, but for my clients as well. The message is accessible and out there for anyone that wants to listen.

How do you see yourself?
Two of Cups. A conduit of alchemy to bring people closer together. This card shows people whose flowing emotions (water) have mixed and reacted, creating an illusion of light that shows the link between them. The exchange of energy keeps the conduit active for as long as they focus their energy on it, keeping their connection together alive for an extended period of time if they so will it.That's lovely!


  1. I just got this deck from my best friend for Christmas. It feels so wonderful and natural to use. For one the art is beautiful and second it really does translate well into our lives. :D

    1. It's so chatty, isn't it? And it's very good-natured even though the colors are very muted. Once you get used to the way it speaks, you're in it for some big, big enlightening readings!

      Nice to meet you Krista : )