It's rare to find people in Puerto Rico that are as enamored with antiquity as I am. Here they prefer dubstep, pop music, iPods, Forever21, flat screen t.v.s and being wired to social outings while partying in the streets. I spend most of my time pretending I live in a Victorian setting, writing by hand and admiring things made by hand. Often times, you can find Victorian Steampunk undertones in my fashion. I obsess over the French Rococó and have often stated that I was born two centuries too late. I dream of corsets, parasols and of masquerades; anything dating back to the 1800s in aesthetic is likely to aid my heart beat faster. With that same zest I relish the Bohemian Gothic Tarot from Baba Studio. It is up to date my second favorite tarot deck — so much in fact that I have splurged on a second copy with an inflated price due to it being out of print. I have heard from the Magic-Realist Press Facebook page that they will be printing a third edition of this deck in early 2013. Watch out, Bohemian Gothic Tarot, 2013 looks to be a challenge with the arrival of the anticipated Alice Tarot!

This tarot is for everyone, it has a heavy air of melancholy and romanticism, making it an ideal purchase for the fans of Tim Burton. The cards show scenes of the daily events of the creatures of the night. I really love that these cards don't have borders, it makes them unobtrusive to read with. Each picture blends or interacts with the next. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot speaks in whispers, they don't make the messages obvious at first. It takes me long thinking and careful consideration.

As the little white booklet suggests, the Bohemian Gothic Tarot was made to explore the shadow sides of life; the wisdom and truth that may lie in nightmare, dark imagination and fear of the supernatural. It's a deck of many levels, not all of which reveal themselves immediately. The images can be fun and a little unsettling at first, but through study, they offer deeper insight. It offers the perception of the darker, hidden workings of the subconscious, and the power that horror has to both frighten and attract us.

The little white booklet includes the Secret Fears spread and the Vampire Spread, which have been designed specifically for use with this deck. I recommend it also for spreads concerning the shadow side of a person. It helps us get in touch with the feelings that lie under the surface; feelings that we tend to invest special care in keeping out of view. Something that I find compelling about this deck is that most of the cards depict night time scenes. Even the ones in daylight such as the Sun and the Knight of Swords are shown in a gloomy setting. The warmth that the sun provides seems to scorch the barren threes, the child doesn't even seem to enjoy the rays of sunshine glowing through the gaps. His attention is eerily focused on the viewer. The knight is dreamy for a Knight of Wands. He doesn't seem too happy about the fact the sun is rising, because this means that his night if debauchery is over.

This deck embraces the bittersweet melancholy, as that of fading memories. Barely anybody is smiling, but I find that it adds to the mood.


Most important characteristic:
Ten of Wands. I hold the problems that people find too heavy to carry. This is how I offer comfort, in taking away the nightmarish burdens. I am intended for use in the shadows, that's just the way our dialogue is meant to be. I'll remind you no to take on too much or to try to do far more than you should.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Knight of Swords. I'm stern. I'll tell you the truth when you don't want to hear it and I'll cut through the much of uncertainty with what you need to know. I'll jump right into what you need to know.

What are your limits?
Knight of Pentacles. Don't lose your head. If you place the same meanings on me as your other decks, you will get readings that don't have any light in them. Don't get too creative, either. View me from the perspective of a Bohemian Gothic manifestation, nothing more and nothing less. I won't conform to the normal views of society.

What are you here to teach me?
Ace of Swords. I'll speak for you with inescapable clarity. I'll show the way to clarity, but it will require efforts. Know how to make things to your best advantage, and proceed with strategy. Clarity of mind is most important.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Seven of Pentacles. By reviewing all of your options and taking the time to contemplate what comes next. It requires time and patience to find the right answers. Don't rush the work, you've already come this far.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Eight of Pentacles. Practice makes perfect. You have a broad knowledge of cartomancy already, but it also takes study and practice to get used to the manner in which my cards read sequentially. Take the time to perfect the craft, to really understand the dialogue.

Which card do you want to show off?
Three of Pentacles. I am fond of classic horror and of working together for the desired goal. Attain a level of mastery through hard work. My cards are composed of different photos, but the collage has been carefully stitched together in the end.

How do you see me?
Queen of Wands. A passionate performer. The Queen of Wands is a flashy queen.With Moon in Aries, you exalt the fire qualities in your shadow side.You come out of your shell to work with others and end up relishing the attention.

How do you see yourself?
Four of Pentacles. I represent dying aspects of traditional culture. I find wealth in tradition and I'm here to show you how it's meant to be done according to my values. I'm beautiful, but I'm an old soul. Don't be fooled by my gilt edges.

Five pentacles in a reading are good omens for work and finance. Maybe this is a tarot deck that calls to be used with the general public once I am done studying it. The day it is used for the general public is far away still, but you can expect more readings + insight in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed this review!


  1. Superb interview with the cards. It is as if you created them yourself. I enjoy reading your blog. This very interview has convinced me to get a deck of these cards for my collection. Blessed Be.

    1. Bridgett, thank you SO much. It means a lot when I get feedback such as yours.

      Blessings for you!