Last week was very pleasant. I had a really great time during the weekend. It feels really good to share instances with people in which you feel light, loved and appreciated. It isn't very often that I get to go out and enjoy myself, but last weekend had just the right balance between work and play. Having a good weekend really helps to begin the week on the right track. That is exactly the message that last week's Hello Witches spread delivered. I'm excited to see what this week brings in.


I have pulled another spread with balanced elements today. Pentacles, Cups, Wands, Swords and Majors are all present in the reading in one form or another. There is a higher concentration of Pentacles present, projecting the week as one of mostly work. The Swords fall under a negative connotation, with the statement that thinking too much will become a distraction prevalent. With the Majors, I get the feeling one has a lesson to highlight, and the other has a glimmer of hope for the next week.

Three Aces indicate success and new energies at work. This means that there are new beginnings in work, love and in matters of the mind. It could be a refreshing wave of ideas that pass, or little manifestations that aren't necessarily noticeable to the eye. An Ace is just raw energy, it is the suggestion or the manifestation of something that can come to pass if enough energy is devoted to it. With the Ace of Wands not present, I can foresee that without much effort, these Aces are likely to pass unnoticed. Even though the Ace of Pentacles is present as a material gain, it needs the burning passion and the effort of the Ace of Wands to come into being.

Monday. Ace of Pentacles. This material Ace says to focus attention on ideas and projects concerned with work. Energy will stay as just that if it isn't materialized into something. It's time to break out the working materials!

Tuesday. Eight of Pentacles. This card prolongs the message from Monday. It says to continue polishing and refining the work that is started this week. Notice how carefully she paints the star onto the Pentacle, even though there is a big build up of tasks behind her. It stands a reminders to take your time with every task, so that it turns out perfect. Once these tasks are done, there will be satisfaction in sitting back to admire the finished work.

Wednesday. The Devil. This is a day of feeling tied down and not being able to run on schedule. It's clearly a problem because the creature is distracting the lady from going where she wants to go. He sweetly whispers for her to stay and play, and to worry about the things she needs to do later. Since she doesn't get the chance to play very often, she surrenders to his charms. I find this to be a warning more so than an encouragement to play after the work is done.

Thursday. Ace of Cups. The girl's cup is overflowing with emotions. For Thursday, it looks like a romantic surprise. It could also mean the intuitive practice of helping others. She accepts an exchange of currency for her talents, and she loves what she does. This connection is drawn with the other two aces of working with a clear mind. I work at night time, so it is a pleasant surprise to find the moon's influence over emotions.

Friday. Ace of Swords. Friday looks like a day of dialogue and quick action. In the card, she crosses a sword over her heart for protection. It is a sign to keep my guard up and to be aware of my surroundings with a sharp mind.

Saturday. Page of Pentacles. Pages bring with them the news of something new, and in this case it is of opportunity. With the rabbit present at the girl's feet, it looks like a good day to try a ritual in my personal life. I may also receive something special in the mail this week, so it looks to be here by Saturday. Cheers!

Sunday. The Star. This card usually makes me feel that our dreams don't materialize if we don't put effort into them. It promises hope to many of my clients with the message that something good is coming. From experience, The Star takes too long to materialize. By the time dreams spring into being, the people it alerted are already focused on another task. Still, the night is long and it holds with it hopes of light coming soon.

What to avoid. Nine of Swords. Don't think too much about things, because they start blowing out of proportion and they turn into nightmares. It tends to happen. When we don't like something, we focus on it so much that it turns into the very meaning of haunting. The nightmare smiles in quiet agreement of being a product of the mind. She just needs to wave that negative vibe away with her hand, or with one of her swords.

What to strive for. Eight of Cups. Walk away from difficult situations. Often when we cut negativity off from the root, we save ourselves a lot of trouble. This means to turn away the things that don't work or aren't beneficial to the situation. If it isn't that important, I will know to leave it for another day I can work with it.

Both of the advice cards look to the future. Maybe that's where I should look to go as well.


  1. I really enjoy these readings. You have a wonderful way of bringing the card energes to the page. You break all of the information up into valid and digestible chunks, which I think must make you a good reader for others. I especially like the description of the 8 of Pentacles. As I said before, I like this weekly spread. It flows nicely and is great for reflection. Hope you receive what you are waiting for in the mail!

    All the best.

    1. Hi Prince Le Normand,

      Now I know how you felt last week as you expected your James Dean cards. In Puerto Rico there are no New Age stores/magics shop with variety other than Rider-Waite and Doreen Virtue. All of my finds are through Amazon or Ebay, which makes the anticipation before each arrival pretty great!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through yours. The PCO system is gradually evolving post by post in your Lost Journal. I find it very inspiring.