What an exciting weekend! The first thing I want to say is that I didn't get my expected package in the mail, but I did find why the Page of Pentacles was present on Saturday. On Saturday I went to the Kaisen X in Cataño with J to participate in the unofficial debut of the Kokeshi Geishas &Taikomochi Okiya. This is a project of which I am very fond of, as I am their Graphic Designer as well as a Co-founder. You can expect a brand manifesto within the next couple of months, I am still making the preparations to launch the brand!

I tossed and turned the night before for hours. The looming activity had me nervous and electric; I'm not used to being immersed in big crowds and interacting with that many people. The advantage to having a costume on is that it makes even the most introverted people come out of their shells. People love watching characters come to life and are unconsciously extra nice to those who have taken the time out to carve a perfect outfit. There is a lot of respect involved in performing as a walking artistic expression, which makes it really easy to shed the shackles of being shy. Luckily I had the opportunity to hide behind the guise of Umeko, my Japanese Geisha character in the KG&T family. Thanks to the Oka-san Sayuri's careful attention to detail, I felt that I had been reborn into a different life through the image of my character.


It felt like a great, great time amongst friends. These are friends that I have made through the Kokeshi Geishas & Taikomochi group, which I am very fond of. They're the kind of people that you can't get enough of when you meet them. I've clicked with them almost instantly and I really enjoy working with them, particularly with the Team Triforce. We have fun as we work together — what more could I ask for? It was also really humbling to have my boyfriend J by my side all the while. He's very patient and he takes care of me, which is something rarer than gold with couples nowadays. It is a little crazy to think that we're getting along so well regardless of the Venus retrograde.

Some of our favorite characters were the creepy ones. J and I were enamored by our first encounter, one of the witches from Hocus Pocus! I didn't manage to get a picture for her and I also missed out on the chance to read her tarot, but at least we had a fun conversation before I went to get ready. The Silent Hill nurses made wonderful poses, it was reminiscent of Niki's costume at a Ringling party a few years ago. Their crooked posture makes me feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of mummified and burnt Lagy Gagas... and I love it! Last but not least is Cubone, one of my favorite Pokémon cosplays that I have ever seen. She looked adorably cute! I wanted to put her in a Pokéball to take her home with me.


A special highlight of my day was in meeting a Page that was performing card tricks for people attending Kaisen X. He had crude make-up reminiscent of Jack Skellington on his face and long, wavy hair. His build was very thin and lean, and he was dressed in black and white. I saw him talking to his friends and moved closer out of curiosity. When he saw me, he flashed a mischievous grin and ushered me closer for the trick. It was all very quick, as all Magicians are. They don't give you the time to register what is going on, so you need to be quick on your feet. I was honestly stumped at the end of it, but I countered with the announcement that now that he had messed with my mind, I had a few tricks of my own to impress him with. I pulled the Vertigo Tarot pouch literally out of my sleeve and shuffled the cards before me. He had a look of confusion on his face, but he accepted the challenge.

I shuffled for a couple of minutes, enjoying the exchange of impressions from his friends on my outfit and the fact that I read cards. I had already handed them flyers for Kokeshi, so it was my turn for a trick. I fanned the cards out in my hand and asked him to pull three cards. The first card that he drew was The Tower, which really alarmed me. Right after, he pulled Judgment and a Minor Arcana card. I understood that he was going through a deep personal problem and I didn't want to scare him or alert his friends, so I stuck to the positive aspects of the cards. I advised him to let go of the things that didn't work in his life and to begin a new cycle of self-discovery and self-love. I could tell that the message hit him pretty hard and that it was exactly what he needed to hear at the time. His friends excitedly jumped in afterwards for their own messages, and displayed the same enthusiasm as some of my previous clients have in the past. There's something really gratifying about helping others who don't expect a positive outcome to manifest in their lives. They thanked me promptly and were on their way.

Since I went to the Kaisen X for promotional purposes, I didn't expect to find anything from the realm of magic hiding amongst the layers of pop and fluff of anime. The booths were reminiscent of the ones I saw at the San Diego Comic Con in 2009, crammed with original artwork and handmade crafts. I did manage to find some worthwhile treasures, though.

The manifestation of the Page of Pentacles was quite curious. At around 4P.M., we were sitting on the bleachers and winding down the day. The Samurai Li Konasawa came to me with electric excitement flowing through him. He asked me to accompany him somewhere, because he had found a treasure that he was sure I was going to love. I followed him to the Kawaii-Desu booth as fast as my geta sandals could follow me. When we got to the booth, he showed me a Chobits Tarot from the same company that published my recently-acquired Sailor Moon Tarot. I also found a Miku Tarot that I had protectively latched onto long before the seller could tell me what the name of it was. With a good-natured laugh, the seller finished telling me about the merchandise. Ten minutes later I walked with two unexpected treasures that I know would be really hard to find on the internet. The last thing I expected was to find such a delightful surprise at an anime convention, but I took for granted the clever demographic targeting of Asian merchandising. To me, it felt like the adventures that I read about on my favorite tarot card and cartomancy blogs. They share stories of impressive magic shops and flea markets that we lack in Puerto Rico, at least in the esoteric and metaphysical departments.

I don't have any pictures to show yet, but I'll review them once I have a better idea of what they stand for.

Now I have a reasons to go back to anime conventions, both for work and entertainment.


  1. I loved this post Monica Laura. So interesting to be guided through your interests in snapshots like this. Wonderful costume, friends, and boyfriend.

    And you found those tarots! I think those kind of unexpected finds are always the best. I just did a Google and if I have located the right one, that Miku looks lovely. Very vibrant. Will be interested in seeing more of that on your blog!

    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Prince Le Normand,

      I'll take the opportunity to tell you that once more, I LOVE what you did to your blog! It is so reminiscent of the Dark Shadows movie that just came out. A nice balance of dark and elegance.

      Thank you, too! The day definitely had many surprises in store, in spirit with the Page of Pentacles. We will be performing in the Sakuya Matsuri, a convention that is more serious about Japanese culture. This time, my boyfriend will join me in a kimono with spiderwebs!

      Have a great week! ♡♡

    2. Thanks.You mean the new blog look? With the blue and black and the forest? The last style was a little garish to work with and I feel at home in this new black and blue one.

      Ah, the Sakuya Matsuri sounds interesting. And I will be interested in seeing a male costume. I am sure the spiderwebs will be a nice suprise.

  2. You guys all look AMAZING!

    1. Hey Elli,

      Thanks! The best part about the dress-up is that it was a collective effort. In numbers, costumes have a little added magic to them.

      I look forward to catching up on your blog updates soon! Hope you're well ♡♡