Last week's projections ended up being incredible! I wish I could show you the difference that this weekly spread has made in my life. The cards manifested very clearly from Friday to Sunday, although I felt I had other archetypes appear throughout the week. With sincerity I recommend this spread to all tarot and cartomancy enthusiasts. They won't miss a thing!

I haven't used the Golden Tarot by Kat Black on my blog before, so I'm going to try it out!

This coming week looks to be balanced out in Majors and Minors. The Hierophant and the Magician show up side by side, with the Hierophant purposely ignoring the Magician, looking back into the past, where he finds memories of heartbreak. It appears as if the Hierophant has found a trade that will keep him busy, but he looks away from the situation because it pains him. The Magician works very hard and is running away from his problems and the struggle. There is something going on that is important, but they don't want to handle it. This is very clearly a family situation presented in which my Grandfather and my Father are reflected, although I can easily trace this situation to work and other aspects of my life. At 84 years of age, my Grandfather has developed a habit of running away whenever he starts hearing things that are not of his liking. He has decided to remain stubborn and he pushes away any pain or commitment. My Grandmother's passing hit him hard. My father as the Magician bears the burden of finding responsibility and keeping everything together. He's struggling, and it looks like he needs a break from his responsibilities. I may suggest a vacation for him.

The conflict I suggested is enforced by the two Five cards at the end. Multiple Fives mean conflict, confrontation and disagreement. All of the elements are present, which makes this week a grounded one. I get the sense that the primary focus is on communication and dialogue. When everyone is busy and rushed, they forget the need to express their feelings. In thinking about things too much, we may overlook the fact that we haven't clearly expressed our intentions and our needs. Communication is key, people!


Monday. Three of Swords. This card is the one that worries me the most. There's really no way to soften a heart pierced by three swords. I am heading to Gitana Patricia's shop today for a personal tarot reading, and I have the feeling that I may hear something that I'm not ready for. Whatever it is, it'll be better to know now than to go days without knowing. At least I will be prepared by the time it is over. In truth I am looking forward to what she has to say. I love her.

Tuesday. Knight of Coins. My package must arrive at last! That looks like the mail man to me. I'm very excited to publish my most recent acquisitions to my tarot collection on my blog, but first I need it here. The anticipation mounted over the weekend, I can't wait to get my mail already!

Wednesday. The Hierophant. I know that I have a lot to learn, and this card is to me a nagging reminder that I need to keep reading and studying. He may be manifesting a situation from which you can only learn by experiencing. He's a wise man, but I don't always agree with his methods of teaching.

Thursday. The Magician. The Magician reinforces the act of studying, and also of perfecting a craft. This may be a good day to work on the creative projects that have been on the back burner, with a specific emphasis on Gitana Patricia's merchandise. I am branding some tea for her, along with some other exciting products.

Friday. Eight of Cups. Move away from difficult situations and things that you would rather deal with later. There are so many cups lying there, waiting to be tended to. Those cups feel like pools of emotion that are kept separate and neglected, but are still there at the end of the day. I wonder what that person is walking away from, because he seems to be walking right into some conflict. Maybe walking away from his responsibilities won't do him very well.
Saturday. Five of Swords. Brawls, arguments, crossed words. Can't win them all, sometimes the best thing to do is step back and watch things unfold. I don't like to get involved in drama, and that guy looks like he's ready to release the hounds on the person walking out of the Eight of Cups card. I think I will retreat into my shell on Saturday, this looks a little dangerous.
Sunday. Five of Wands. Sunday looks like an even more heated up day for argument. It looks like they're all fighting to get their way, while the one in blue has his arms held out. It feels like trying to make peace amidst a pool of angst and controversy. Conflict isn't my thing, so I'll be sure to be disconnected from social networks and outings on Saturday and Sunday.

What to avoid. Page of Wands. Avoid getting too passionate or attached to things, especially on the weekend. When we're young, we're more explosive with our feelings. We feel the need to manifest them and to make them known to others. We like it when others resonate with our feelings and join us in our manifestations. Try to look ahead into the future, rather than stay standing in the past.

What to strive for. The World. With so many things going on in my life lately, the World card is telling me to stay focused on making those goals concrete. Stay on target and move towards the things that matter. This is always a sign of success and happiness with what you do, so I am glad to have pulled it.
Clarity. The Sun. Even though many of the cards in this week's spread are worrisome, I get some good vibes from the Sun. I feel it tells me that it's all for the greater good, and worth the struggle in the end. Summer is coming as well, and I am definitely looking forward to the surprises that it'll bring. This reminds me that I need to write my Summer To-do list. I make one every year!

I like warnings like these because they keep me on my feet. I would much rather know about a conflict that is coming while being prepared, rather than getting hit by something I didn't see coming. It is for weeks like this that I am thankful to have the powerful tool of self-empowerment available in the tarot.

Isn't the Golden Tarot by Kat Black enchanting, too? Marcella Kroll uses it as her main working tool. Why don't you book a reading with her?

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