Last week's manifestations unfolded nicely. The Three of Swords ended up being the postponement of a meeting. During the weekend, J left to go back home and I found myself a little grumpy. I've been thinking about the need for balance in my life lately. It is curious to find the Knight of Pentacles present once more this week. He may have some purpose to talk about still. This is the third week he shows up in a row! I'm open to your message, what have you got to say?

This week's spread is pretty loaded with information. Upon first gaze it looks like another simple week, until I came to realize all the Majors that are present in this spread. Within the week are four Major Arcana cards, followed by two more in the advice section. Whenever there are so many majors in a spread, I know that it's going to be a heavy week. Usually the experiences are worthwhile, but the cards present make the changes seem a little harsh.

We're not missing any suits, all four are here. That gives the week some stability save for the fact that there will be so many things going on with me as a person. Reading this spread in a sequence, it feels like there are news coming, or like I will be dealing with an important situation as stated by the King of Swords. He's not the best person to appeal to emotionally, so the Queen of Cups feels isolated from him. With The Fool and Death present, I get the strong sense that an end to something is coming. While the advice section says not to give up, the clarity cards tell me to handle the situation in a calm and collected manner. This is a situation I can't hide from or leave until later. I am curious to know what happens this week.

Monday. Knight of Coins. This card is more literal than anything today. I went to my Grandpa's house to move the storage boxes from my college back to my house. There were many surprises lying in the boxes, most of which I can use today. It added a melancholic twist as I peeled back the layers of my college years. As I unearthed the treasure that has been in slumber for two years, I remembered special people that I am no longer as in touch with. I felt like I was unpacking my life out of boxes, similar to that sweet feeling when I moved back into my dormitory every August.

Tuesday. King of Swords. This card is curious. As a person, it is a man that is smart and a little intimidating with his strong presence. He has character and he's strict with people that he loves. I don't feel that he is the most communicative when it comes to his feelings. He keeps secrets and he doesn't make known how he feels about certain things. As an event, it can be a fair resolution to a problem that has been going on for a while. With the truth in his hands he can be objective of something and calm as he settles the opposition. If the card is an event, this King is giving me advice on how to handle a difficult situation.

Wednesday. The Moon. It has been a long time since The Moon has graced me with its presence in a reading. Dreams, illusions, visions. I look forward to the messages that I receive, or to the events that unfold that night... it's bound to be interesting.

Thursday. The Hermit. Coming after the Moon, this could be a time to withdraw into the banks of memory to seek meaning. I will learn from my messages — perhaps the hard way — and adapt these new teachings into my life as it is. The Hermit brings with him the acceptance of who he is, regardless of flaws and strengths, to be in peace. The light of his lamp isn't very bright, so he may already be aware that he is following his own inner guidance.

Friday. Queen of Cups. Person or event? As a person, the Queen of Cups is likely to be a water sign or emotive person bringing a message. She looks like she has all the tools set up on the table before her, and like she wants to talk about what I have learned during the week. I feel also that she's learning to balance emotions with logic. As an event, this card could be telling me to make peace with my inner turmoil. I feel like this is a message to write down anything that could be bothering me in my diary and to forget about it. Finding the peace that this Queen has means to release anything that builds up over time or bothers. That's a powerful message from this card for the week!

Saturday. The Fool. Start over. Whatever is going on this week will be a big deal because it brings with it so much change. Like The Fool, I might not be ready for the changes that are coming, but I'm willing to accept the challenge of starting the journey over, no matter which aspect in my life it is. I'm open — or so I think.

Sunday. Death. This situation ends with a bang. With the Death card present, it looks like a painful transition out of a difficult situation to a new reality. Endings are never easy and it can take some effort to swallow the news that we're not ready for. I hope not to have many more visits from the Death card this year, it usually brings uncomfortable situations to me that I would rather not handle at the moment.

What to avoid. Ten of Wands. Don't quit, no matter how heavy the burden. Remember not to load yourself with so much, because it is probable that you can't handle it all at once. This is a reminder that there is only so much we can do in a set period of time, and to try to go over that could be to wear out the energy available for these tasks.

What to strive for. The High Priestess. Be objective. When I see the High Priestess with her book of universal secrets, she reminds me that we don't always need to voice our opinions. No one needs to know everything you pick up on them just because you're clairvoyant. Experience doesn't need to be shared unless asked for or earned. She's very jealous of what her treasures are worth, and I feel that she protects the sacredness of those secrets. Maybe I should too.

Clarity. Justice. This card tells me that I am handing a situation that will have to be settled with dialogue. I spend so much time advising others to do the same things, yet sometimes I end up reacting according to what my emotions dictate. With this card next to the High Priestess, it's a good sign to practice what I constantly preach. It's tough to find a balance when we're immersed in difficult situations, but I'll try my best to anyway.

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