There is no suit missing in my spread, which makes it pretty general. It covers every aspect of my life with a suggested focus on labor with Wands. The reading also includes two majors, or two karmic aspects of my higher self that I will be working with this week. Whenever a Major Arcana card pops up, I know I can't ignore the issues at hand.

Monday. Seven of Swords. This card gets my week started on some suspicious airs. In the card, the person is stealing 4 swords and hopes that no one will notice the shortage, since 3 are left. He is so preoccupied with slipping away that he doesn't notice there are two pairs of eyes watching over his back as he does it. It gives him the courage to do things behind people's back with a false sense of victory. Two possible interpretations are of not trusting myself enough or finding something I believe true to be a lie. Since this is the suit of the mind, it could also signify a secret that could benefit others.

Tuesday. Ten of Wands. This card has tired drawn all over it. Sometimes we load ourselves with numerous tasks (wands) and several extras (rocks) to deal with. Work is not glamorous but it is necessary. The growing field makes me feel as if there is still a lot of work to go before rest. The burden seems self-imposed, and it's true that we load ourselves with more than we can handle for daily activity. When a task is priority, everything else blurs out of focus; even rest.

Wednesday. Six of Wands. On Tuesday it may be that I had to meet a deadline, because this is a card of triumph by teamwork. This threefold (Human over a bird with two heads,) team is ascending to new heights and basking in the light of what it feels like to be accomplished.

Thursday. Ten of Cups. After all the glory comes the right time to enjoy some quiet time with people I really care about. The ones in the card look like lovers hiding by the tree to tell one another how they feel. The cups decorating the tree have paper heart garlands hanging from them as a sign of celebration. This card can signify a new-found meaning in love, or a celebration to have found one another. They embrace the moment with their happiness and love.

Friday. Judgment. This card showed up last week, so I still need to relate to the turning point it represents higher calling. It could be a call to serve my responsibility or the beginning of a new cycle. Whatever it is, it must be important because it showed up twice.

Saturday. The Lovers. This card has not graced me with its appearance in a while. The animal the couple rides on brings with it a message or news. He embraces her in cold jealousy to onlookers while he whispers stories of unknown places to her. She delights in adding color to his cheeks and engaging in a conversation that only the two of them know about. They delight in one another and forget about the world around them.

Sunday. Two of Pentacles. Back to work on juggling real life responsibility with work. This is an aftermath to a celebration that requires some attention, as well as the reminder that I need to work hard. Sunday is my most productive work day of the week. Get back to work!

What to avoid. Four of Wands. Getting too comfortable with the way things are going. Hard work is the foundation of any future, not relying on the things in progress to sort themselves out.

What to strive for. The World. This means to seek opportunities and to accomplish those goals waiting to be met. It is a sign that anything can come from effort, and dreams can become a reality thanks to that. It sets the grounds for a possible trip to consider.


  1. I really like the cleaness of this spread. I enjoy doing a card a day, but I like the foresight in this way of doing it. Gives just enough food for thought at the beginning of each week.

    And every time I come visiting here, I am in awe of your beautiful spread cloth! It's wonderful!


  2. The beauty of a tarot diary is that you can go back at the end of the week, contrast and compare. There is a satisfactory buzz to the recognition of tarot staples when they manifest! A day card is fresh, a weekly spread serves as an as-you-go horoscope.

    Thanks! I would eventually like to design some spread cloths after this Lenormand that I have been working on. Patterns have a mesmerizing quality to them.